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How To Get A Bigger But Pills

Written By: admin - May• 05•12

How to naturally get bigger breasts is a question that haunts many women nowadays. In fact, more and more women of today are asking this question in the media as well as in the internet so that they can devise their own method to realize their goal. This is hardly astonishing for the fair sex is getting increasingly fearful of breast implants, now that horror stories are gradually getting leaked out in the print medium as well as in TV almost on a regular basis, where women are seen regretting their decision to go for breast implants and lambasting their surgeons who deluded them into believing that everything would be safe and fine.

Indeed, there are millions of women like you who would like to get bigger breasts, because they feel inadequate, insecure and suffer from lack of self-esteem. In a desperate bid, women even get ready to go under the knife to get those coveted breasts that make them sexually attractive.However, one often lose sight of the fact that breast augmentation may not be all that complicated as it appears to be. For, if you want to have larger breasts, you just need to get a lot of estrogen into your body. Estrogen is the "female hormone", which gives women the necessary curves in the body and helps them develop their breasts. And this why so many women are left with smaller breasts, for they are found deficient in estrogen.

Frequently Asked Questions

    what are some tips for swallowing big pills?
    i have huge pills that i have to take
    and i have to take it twice a day
    and since i have tonsillitis... my throat hurt which just makes it even harder for me to swallow
    anyone have any tips on how to swallow them?
    also if it doesnt go down... how do i get it to go down? ive tried eating bread and it doesnt work
    but really anything substantial is too hard for me to swallow anyways because of my tonsillitis.
    please help

    • ANSWER:
      Warm tea works best for my husband he's a pansy and claims not to be able to swallow anything larger than a tic-tac

    How do I drink big pills?
    I have prescribed antibiotics pills but I'm scared to swallow them because one got stuck in my throat before. They're capsules. How can I drink them other than just like that?. I open them but it only makes a mess and I think bacteria gets in it. Help me out please. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      The capsules get sticky with just a little moisture. So, put the capsule on your tongue and get a decent mouthful of water/juice, tip your head back and swallow. That opens up your throat to reduce any possible restrictions. This is particuarly important because any anxiety you have about swallowing the capsule easily translates into you constricting your throat and creating the problem.

    how can i get a bigger penis without buying pills?
    i want to lose my virginity bad but my cock probably is just a little bit over 3 1/2 inches and i want to get it bigger without pills or surgery, you know like naturally. please be specific.

    • ANSWER:
      How to naturally grow your penis? Seems pretty obvious doesn't it? Give yourself some time. I'm guesing your a teenager so your still growing. You got lots of time to let your penis get bigger on it's own.

    How do you get over the fear of swallowing a large pill?
    For many years now, I had a strange fear of swallowing big pills. I don't mind smaller pills, but bigger ones frighten me for some reason. My doctor prescribed me pills at the beginning of the week that I HAVE to take. And I skipped a couple of nights because I can't get up the nerve to swallow it. It's a huge pill and I have to take two which is annoying. How can I get up the nerve to just swallow it? Is there certain techniques to help me swallow or should I just face my fear?

    • ANSWER:
      Can you cut it? Some places sell pill cutters.

      If not - you need to get a full glass of water, relax yourself - it'll be harder and you'll panic if you're not relaxed. Take a few big gulps of water, put the pill way in the back of your mouth on the back of your tongue. Relax again...then tilt your head back and drink the water while taking big swallows.

      Good luck

    Why do i have trouble swallowing pills? [generally big ones]?
    I can't get myself to swallow a big pill,its just too hard for me. Pills such as panadol i usually crush into pieces. But these ones are liquid-filled ,i can't just pop it and drink what's inside because that might affect how the pill works. I tried putting the pill at the back of my tongue and drinking water to push it down, but that didn't work. Lets just say i have this phobia of it getting stuck in the middle of my throat. I don't know, but i just can't bring myself to do it, it's a psychological type of thing.

    Got any tips? I'm really annoyed with myself right now lol. :-(

    • ANSWER:
      you could poke it using knife and add it to your favorite beverage, that way you wont be having troubles swallowing them, its ok if you do this because it wont affect how the pill works, once you swallowed something, it should do something in your body

    Whats the best way to get all the soot out of an un-used fireplace?
    Our fireplace is un-used. We have a nice stylish insert in it instead because of our fear of fireplaces and our kids being near them. Also don't want the hassle of having to clean it all the time. The previous owners of our house left a big pill of black soot in the bottom of it and was wondering the best way to clean it without making a big mess in the process. Started using a broom and dust pan but that just stirs it up. And washing off the walls of it, how do we do that without making a mess too? I prefer my beige carpet over black any day!
    Yeah a chimney sweep but what if I would like to do it myself and not have to pay for it? At least thats my goal.

    • ANSWER:
      mix boric acid with water and attack it with a stiff brush, this should help keep the dust down also....some fireboxes are built with a little ash dump in the bottom of them. you can sweep the loose stuff down it before you do the walls of your firebox...good luck....

    Cannot swallow pills (not crushable), what to do?
    Hi. What can i do, if i cannot swallow pills? The pills are vitamins, those are big pills, a lot of stuff in there. If i am correct, ~60 all kinds of good things inside. They are not crushable, so i cannot do that. How can i take the pills? They've costed me a lot, i don't want to trow them away, plus they are very heatlhy. I took one some time ago, but was unable to take another two, wasted them we could say. One pill costs about 1 dollar. I don't have much money, but i don't wanna be sick in the upcoming flu season, it would cost more to get cured anyway.

    P.S. i am 18 years old male.

    What can i do? Please answer, thank you.
    Thanks for answers (hope this is the place to answer, i'm a first-time yahoo answers user, and there's no "reply" button, so not sure). I liked the idea with banana, it's easily swallowed, i maybe be able to do it that way. But if not (don't have a banana at the moment, so cannot try), i liked the idea about glass of water and cutting the capsule. But about that "cutting the capsule" thing, i am unsure a little. I've heard, that some of those chemicals might even be bad for your health, especially your teeth, when swallowed that way. In simple words: it might be a pretty bad idea to spill the content of the capsule and drink it. And that capsule's got a lot of chemicals, vitamins, metals and w/e there is for your health, so there is a good chance, that it is the case.

    I would like some medical opinion on the case with spilling the contents of the capsule and drinking them (it's liquid by the way).

    Thanks everyone for great ideas and answers. :)

    • ANSWER:'re 18, you've got to that stage where you don't need mummy to help you take some pills. take a glass of water and just do it without thinking about it. the more you think, the more your body will try to reject..just relax.

    How do I obtain birth control pills?
    I am turning 20 years old, never done the bang bang, and am interested in birth control for 2 reasons:

    1) I want to regulate my period. It happens every 28 to 56 days. Sometimes I go through ovulation (where the discharge thickens & stretches) & my chest hurts a bit but no flow until like 3-5 weeks later with repeat symptoms. Way to send me the signals, Body.

    2) I want my body to get used to it if I decide to do the bang bang with my long-time boyfriend who is very patient and I told him I still want to wait. And he has to wear a condom, and I do birth control, 2 people put in effort to prevent accidental birth or no sex (that's what I told him).

    Other notes: I have Medicaid, and a primary care physician. Are they big pills to swallow bcz I have a pill phobia.

    • ANSWER:
      I personally work at planned parenthood check out the website at
      you should be covered if you have medicaid. we ask simple questions and will not deny you in your situation. we offer many different birth control options such as the pill and its actually a very small pill. you should have no prolem with swallowing it

    how can i make my boobs bigger without using pills and surgery?
    okay, im 14 years old and i am a 34A. i hate how small they are and i get teased alot. i dont want to go into high school and have really small boobs(school starts in about 2 months). i heard that rubbing them or massaging them will increase the growth but i really dont believe it. is there any way i can get them bigger without surgery or or pills. PLEASE HELP ME.

    • ANSWER:
      You're only 14! Your breasts have about 6 more whole years of growing to do. If you do anything silly to enhance their growth now you'll probably end up with massively sized boobs. That would be weird. :3

      Truthfully, there's nothing you can do without using pills or surgery. You simply have to accept your body the way it is. Loads of girls start out flat chested and end up healthy sizes. I understand that kids are cruel, but just ignore them, you'll grow.

    Is there a way to get your penis bigger without having to get surgey or taking pills or using a pump? And How?
    Ok i know this is werid to ask but i wanted to know if there is anyway to make your penis get bigger without using pills or getting surgey or using a pump or anything because i will attment i have a smaller penis and i really wanna get it bigger without having to take pills or anything?

    • ANSWER:
      Size Never Matters

      No matter how often it's written that penis size doesn't matter, and that women aren't attracted to a man because of the length of his organ, the average male continues to think the same way.

      The average female cannot understand this obsession with penile measurement. So if you're a
      woman, never belittle a man's penis in bed, even as a joke, or say anything to indicate that you think it's small. The guy may take you seriously, and if he does, he'll be deeply hurt.

      Penis Size & Women

      Virtually every man forgets that it doesn't matter how long or how short your penis is, because the vagina will accommodate itself to any length.

      * The vagina of a woman who hasn't had a child is only 7.5cm (3 inches) long when she's not sexually excited. The figures for women who have had babies are only slightly different.
      * Even when aroused, a woman's vagina usually extends only to a length of about 10cm (4 inches).

      This means any man's penis will fill her vagina completely, unless you happen to be one of those rare guys with an erect penile length of less than four inches. You're probably now wondering how the average man with an erection of six inches manages to insert his penis into the vagina at all.

      No doubt Females have bigger expectation from their males to be of a bigger size, so that they could tell their female friends without being shy, isn't it good?

      What is an Average penis Size?

      What does "average" mean? And just what is the average penis size, anyway? Well, it's easy to get average male penis size enlargementbut what now days you are being demanded by is more than average.

      There are lots of marketers who will try to convince you that your penis is too small and that they have some miracle cure for it. More often than not they are just playing on your insecurities.

      If you are thinking whether your Penis Size is Normal, the short and simple answer is - yes, most likely it is! Studies show the average penis size varies between 3 and 4 inches when flaccid and between 5 and 7 inches when erect.

      A penis is considered abnormally small only if it measures less than 3 inches when erect.

    How do i take my pills?
    Ok today at the regular time i take my pill that i usually have trouble to swallow and today i choked on it it was scary and my chest started to hurt, I'm scared to take the pill now and feel like i will choke to death because i heard that a lot of people die from it and its a really big pill that you can't crush and i have to take it for my allergies because the doctor said and my mom make me take it and it help but i can't get it down without choking. How do i stop this it's really scary and i cant back out.
    I don't think you can put it in food and i know you cant crush it.

    • ANSWER:
      I am assuming you are fairly young?

      A lot of young kids have a problem swallowing pills, there are often alternatives like pills you can open and sprinkle on to apply sauce, some devolve in your month, and I am sure you can get a smaller pill.

      But just relax, everything you have heard is rubbish. People don't commonly die by taking pills, whoever told you that does not have a clue in the world. Most people know nothing about medications so unless they are an expert don't listen to them.

      I can understand it was scary when you choked but part of the reason you are so anxious is that you think a lot of people die from taking a pill.

      Once you are successful at taking a pill a few times your anxiety will start to go away.

      Have some food you really like before taking the pill, drink it with milk, relax, and take it.

      And like I said, if all else fails ask about different medications you don't have to swallow.

    How to stop loving a woman that is unfaithful?
    Just found out g/f been screwing around. Loved her for a few years but just got serious 1 yr ago. Still love her. Is this normal. Thought I would hate her. Can't forgive or forget as happened last nite. Bad split last nite. Tough time dealing with this. Big pill to swallow. Anxiety and stress way up there. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      being hurt is normal, and u won't stop loving her, not just yet, because this just happened. just see all the things u avoided by not having her around anymore. there will be no future heartache for u, as long as u don't let her back into your life. join a self help therapy group, for support, and help from others who have gone through this. its a grief process, u loved her, and thought she loved u, it will take a little while for u to accept this, forgiveness and forgetting won't happen, and shouldn't happen. sometimes we do love things that hurt us, but it doesn't mean we need to be with a person who betrayed us any longer. your world is shaken, the life u thought u had, u didn't, it will take some time. but u won't stop loving her, not right away anyway. just don't let her come back, because the same thing will happen again.

    How to get bigger boobs, without pills or surgery?
    Im 14. I weigh 100 pounds im 5'2 and I can barley fit into a bra. Small boobs run in my close family. I cant take pills for it so i definatly cant have surgery. My friends and guys make fun of me for it all the time and it even makes me cry sometimes. Everything else i have confindence in even my little butt. but i hate being made fun of for it. I just wanna be able to wear like a B cup. Any tips?

    • ANSWER:
      There isn't much that you can do. Try a padded push up bra and work with what you've got. Boobs aren't everything. Learn to love what you do have and you will never have to worry about what you don't. And if anyone makes fun of you for it, don't ever let them know it bothers you. Hit them back with some witty joke about it and they will lose interest in making your girls the butt of their jokes.

    How can i get bigger boobs without pills and surgery? And without people knowing i want bigger boobs.?
    Okay. Im turning 14 in a month and im the oldest of all my friends and i have the smallest boobs. Everyone always tells me im pretty and all but i want them to notice my boobs not just my face. And i don't want people to know that i em trying to get bigger boobs. PLEASE help me! =)

    • ANSWER:
      All though people will notice you more and be more attracted to you if you increase your boobs. It may not be a good thing. You'll get noticed and people may think yeah she's hot but there's more to it. I've seen girls who look like angels though sometimes when you actually get to know them they can be real B%$hes and I turn my interests away immediately when I see that.

      It's sometimes because they're so cute that they become cruel and insensitive among other things. Why should they care or be nice when everything is handed to them on a silver platter. Everyone is so great to them because they are handsome, right? Wrong. The only guys they'll get are the ones who are just as cocky and disgusting as they are. Guys who will treat them like crap. Guys who will never truly know them. Just like how these girls won't know themselves.

      Do what you want though. It's your body and you have every right to do what you want with it. I thought you should know there are guys like me who look past the plastic and makeup and see the true beauty. If someone really is beautiful, It's not because of the boobs or the butt, It's because of their personality, their hopes, their dreams, their heart, their soul.

    Have any of you ladies on birth control pills gotten bigger boobs while on it?
    If so, how long did you take the pills for before you saw a difference? I am 22 and decided to use the pills as my first choice of birth control but i'm a very small b cup and i've always wanted bigger ones...will they grow? btw i'm 5 ft and weigh 100 lbs....will i also gain weight anywhere else if i do? :(

    • ANSWER:

    how do i get a large pill to go down?
    i took a mucinx because i have had the flu the past few days, i feel alot better but i still have a cough and alot of mucus built up, so i took a mucinex to loosen the phlegm and i think its like stuck. it was a big pill, and i have been drinking alot of water already.... i can feel it maybe. i think..... how do i get it to go down?

    • ANSWER:
      Okay, first of all calm down. You can't really get a pill stuck in your throat. Where would it be hiding, behind your tonsils? I also thought I had a huge horse pill stuck once, but it wasn't. What happened more than likely, is when you swallowed the pill it scraped your esophagus going down (throat) and now is sore. In fact, I bet if you lift your head up and place 2 fingers on the left side of your adams apple/throat/ you will hear a clicking sound or feel a lump. That will tell you it is just swollen and sore. But I can almost guarentee you do not have a pill stuck. The effects of mine when it happened to me, stayed around for 2-3 days, and then it disappeared. Just drink plenty of water-which will help ease the throat pain, and get some rest. If you really think there is a pill stuck, and again, I don't know how that would be possible, then take yourself to the walk-in clinic and be examined, but I really think you'll be fine and the symptoms will go away within a few days.

    how to swallow a big pill?
    i just got these new vitamins. there pretty big pills, i can swallow small ones but i gag on the bigger ones and i already tried to crush it but t's just too horrible tasting

    • ANSWER:
      put it in your palm and put your palm up to your mouth and like almost throw it to the back of your throat, more like the back of your tongue. then have a glass of water nearby and ready and drink it down with that, dont think about it just drink like you normally would.

    How can I make my breasts bigger naturally without using pills or having surgery on them?
    I'm a B cup and I want my boobs to be bigger but i don't want to have to use pills or get surgery.

    • ANSWER:
      Eat lots! Stuff your face! And gain as much weight as possible. Solved!

      Other than that, you can't.

    How can I grow my breasts bigger without surgery or pills?
    My boobs are pretty good size (i guess) their small, but I want them to get bigger. I'm in a 36a and sometimes if i'm lucky I fit into a 32b..... is there any way at all without using pills or having surgery, that I gan grow my breasts a little bit bigger?!

    • ANSWER:
      Yes you can. But it takes a lot of work. Hormones make them grow and you can make the hormones activate your self by regular nipple stimulation. It simulates breastfeeding and you can get a 2 cup size increase if you are diligent. Takes 3 or more times a day every day for weeks before you see results. But its free and good for your health. Even prevents period cramps.

    How can I make my penis bigger without taking any pills ?
    I have a 6 inch penis but I want it to get bigger I'm 20 years old and I'm affraid to take those pills that are shown on tv Any advice ... Please ...

    • ANSWER:
      You can do penis exercises. They're safe and work. A few of the exercises that you can do are the hanging towel method and jelqing.

      I read a blog earlier that explained how to do these exercises.

      I'll leave a link to the blog below.

      hope this helps...

    How do I get a bigger penis, without taking pills ?
    Hi I just wanted to know how to get a larger penis but without taking any pills, any help please ?

    • ANSWER:
      You can use penis exercises. They're effective. I read an article on how to make your penis bigger.

      I'll leave a link to the article below.

      I hope this helps...

    can't swallow a big pill...??
    im 13, and just a couple of months ago i swallowed my first pill. it was a little claritin.
    but now, im trying to take an omega 3 fish oil pill, and theyre really big.
    i cant crush or break the pill into smaller pieces to swallow because the fish oil liquid is inside.
    ive tried taking big gulps of water and trying to swallow it, and even hiding in it food and swallowing.
    nothing works, and i cant get it down no matter what.
    how can i swallow a really big pill?
    i always swallow pills, and i know how. but this pill is too big for me to swallow, tips?

    • ANSWER:
      i take that also. try taking a smaller sip of water and jerk your head back so pill goes to back of throat. good luck

    How can I swallow a pill?
    I'm not afraid of gagging or choking, I just can't get the pill to go down. I looked on other questions here and all the answers people give are to solve the psychological aspect of the issue, but I don't have a psychological problem, it just DOESN'T GO DOWN. People suggest water or carbonated beverages, but I'll drink it and the pill will just sit there in the back of my throat until I finish my entire drink. Same with applesauce or chewed up food. And it's not just for big pills, it's for anything I can't chew. Are there any other solutions?

    • ANSWER:
      Sometimes it depends on the coating of the pill. Try coating it with a little butter or margarine or syrup (or whatever else would make it slippery) and stick it right at the back of your mouth. Then drink big gulps of water until it goes down.

    How to make your breast bigger without surgery or pills?
    I'm 17 and i'm a 32AA i know i shouldn't care about my appearance but recently its started to get to me i cant get surgery and i don't have money to spend on pills or enchanters Please help any kind of advice to help them grow would be amazing and i'm 5ft 5in && i weigh 100lbs

    • ANSWER:
      some food supplements + special exercises + special bra style = bigger breasts - discover all in:

    Hair growth?
    I got a hair cut today and it's kind of short and I'm not to sure if I like it that short...What can I do to make it grow?
    I actually went out and bought some prenatal vitamins today and I took 2 this morning and I will take 2 at night...but how long does it take to take effect? The only problem with the vitamins is that they are like horse pills and they smell bad...and I like gag on them as they go down...What can I do to stop gaging on big pills?

    • ANSWER:
      To stop gaging just set your mind and think the pill will work for you and they are for helping u to get the much -sought -after result.For hair growth massage your scalp with Castor oil at least twice a day. u can do it as much time as possible. Biotin is also a good for hair growth.There are many sources of biotin such as brewer's yeast, brown rice, bulgur, green peas, lentils, oats, soybeans, sunflower seeds, and walnuts.Hair is made up of protein. If you have lack of protein it may affect hair growth. Have protein food. Meat and egg contains protein. If you are vegetarian then use soy protein or use green dhal etc.Generally hair growth rate is half an inch a month is normal.So,the rest is upon time.In Nature there are limits beyond which we can't go.

    Best birth control pill for bigger boobs?
    im not sexually active
    i just want birth control pills to make my boobs bigger
    but im worried about the other side effects

    WHICH BIRTH CONTROL PILL GIVES YOU BIGGER BOOBS? while being minimal on the PHYSICAL side effects?
    (acne, weight gain, etc)
    i dont care about irregular periods or headaches, etc

    also, how can you get a prescription for birth control pills?

    if you dont recommend birth control, do estrogen pills work just as well? what other ways are there to get bigger boobs?

    • ANSWER:
      It's different for everyone. It won't necessarily give you larger breasts, there is just the possibility. If you stop taking the pills, your breasts will most likely decrease back to their former size because you aren't taking the hormones any longer.

      Only ways to get larger breasts is to either have surgery, gain weight (depending on where that weight is distributed), and get pregnant (which may or may not increase your bust size.)

    Does Hydroxycut really work?
    I started using Hydroxycut today. I've had it for a while...but i never could actually swallow the pills because they're kindof big. But I have 2 questions- Does Hydroxycut REALLY work? My friend told me that she was on it a year or two ago and she said she that she lost 30 pounds. I reallly want to lose weight. I'm not fat, but i'm not like skinny either. I just want to look...thin, fit. I've tried exercising..i used to run a lot. Now it just seems like i dont have the time because of school and other activities. But apparently Hydroxycut gives you energy? And also, can anyone give me (i know this is going to sound weird) tips on how to swallow big pills? I could barely swallow the pills today..and i cut them in half! I've always had a problem with pill swallowing. I guess i cant really get help with that. But anyways, yeah. Let me know what you think! If you have any other helpful ideas on how to lose weight, let me know! If i don't see a change after taking Hydroxycut after a month or so, then I'll get off of it.

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah , it has caffeine in it so it'll speed up your metabolism

    Was it right for my mom to do this?
    I think I've just gone thru one of the worst moments in my life! Ughh.. Ok I've been sick with a cold for about 3-4 days and I've been taking ibuprofen and claritin. Today my mom thought I should take omoxicillin for it. I took the liquid kind when I was a kid but now I have to take it in pill form and I've alwas had a huge problem with pills. But omoxicillin is one of the hugest plastic pills I have ever seen!!! I just could not take it no matter what I tried so she broke it and put it into some food but she wanted me to swallow the plastic shells too and my gag reflex was not having any of it so she got frustrated and tried to fight me into swallowing it. I cried my eyes out because she was banging her fist on things and screaming at me. I vomited twice I guess mostly from the stress of it all and still she insisted an pressed ad finally she let me leave the room to calm down and I came back and she forced me to eat it in a banana without the shells. I dont know if that's ok to do or not but I had no choice in the matter. I feel like such a freak that I can't swallow big pills. Nomatter how calm I am or how much I prepare myself my body just instantly rejects it.

    • ANSWER:
      Your mom is fucking crazy

    switching from concerta to adderall?
    first let me give you an overview of my day without meds. i am 17 btw.i struggle to get myself out of bed during the week not that i dont have enough sleep just the thought of the day ahead makes me want to not get up.( im up early on the weekends trying to make the time last without problems). i get ready and head off to school ..everyday almost i forget something (a school book, pens, my glasses ect.) school i have a hard time focusing on a subject for an extended period of time ...often times i day dream until i end up actually falling asleep and dreaming or the teacher brings me back to reality. if i dont write down the hw or projects given to me i will forget them before the day is over ( and i mean i completely forget, i will honestly believe i dont have any work and there will be a multiple page report due the next day.....nothing more frustating) 11:00 i go home for lunch during this time i eat and change into work clothes to go to vocational school where i take an auto tech class.during this time i become very very tired i sometimes will sit down and watch a little t.v. b4 time to leave and end up falling asleep and being late. when im working in the shop im constantly forgetting where i put something, what is the last thing i did, or ill walk across the shop for a tool and by time im to it ive forgotten what im looking for. at 2:30 i leave and go back to my high school to pick up my younger brother and head home ....most days after this i come home for a couple hours and get ready for work ....i become yet again veryyy sleepy and usually will sleep and set the alarm to get up( time i should use for homework etc.) between 4:30 and 5:30 i go to work at a pizza place where i was a cook but was moved to dough rolling because i frequently had to remake orders because i would forget no onions or something. the only time i have been written up at work was for forgetting to fill the barrels of thin dough before i left for the night and once for forgetting to add yeast.) i go home around 8:00 and am wide awake! ready to take on the world! ....of course i usually just shower, eat, and after my belly is full im sleepy enough to relax and fall asleep. a couple years ago i started taking concerta ...the first was a small pill i dont remember the mg's but it worked for a little while after being on it for about a week i got compliments from the teachers. after 3 months it was still working ...went for a 6 month followup and by that point it had pretty much stopped working. my doc upped the dose to a bigger pill still dont remember the mg's and it worked but not even for probably 2 months didnt even finish the script and never went back...its been about a year since i have been on any meds and a close trusted friend gave me an adderall to try ( 30mg time realease) and this was wayyy different than concerta. i took it around 2:00 yestarday afternoon...expecting it to be like concerta i just layed down and took a nap until time to go to work. when i woke up roughly an hour and 45 min later, i felt like a million bucks i went to work and had all my work done (correctly) almost an hour earlier than usual (and im not lazy dont think that, i usually work hard and consistent regardless) and had time to do some extra things(brownie points for the boss) before clocking out early. im guessing it wasnt a good idea taking such a high dose (since apparently thats the max) and taking it so late in the day since i had a tough time sleeping and woke up early this morning still feeling the effects of the pill like it was yestarday ...

    i guess my question is how should i ask my doc about this medication would it be a good idea to tell him i tried it without a script (i know it was wrong and im NOT a drug hunter). i will be starting back to school as a senior next week and i really would like to have an A/B average instead of a D average. but i really dont want to keep building a higher tolerance for concerta. my parents didnt like that either.
    what it helped in one day( sleepiness, attentiveness, i felt happier, took more pride in my work, no trouble getting out of bed, developed a can-do attitude, was much more willing to do work that otherwise seemed very menial , and do it rather quickly to get it out of the way(instead of dwelling on the task) oh!and i didnt need my mid-day pot of coffee to feel like i had some energy.

    i dont want to come off like im looking to get a high ...i would like to even try a much lower dose to help me sleep better at night i just want a day to day life thats not so frustrating and tedious. if i can get my academics up my auto tech instructor (i am his top student proud ...go to many contest each year) is going to try to get me into t-ten a toyota internership that will certify me and get me an associates degree.
    any thoughts comments or suggestions for different medication that could help the same would be awesome ...thanks

    oh my did i just write all that

    • ANSWER:
      Just tell your doctor that you feel Concerta isn't really working too well for you, and you're uncomfortable with the rate of increase in dosage. Could mention that you've heard good things about Adderall and would like to give it a try. In the unlikely event that he still wants to keep you on Concerta, then you could mention that you tried it once and found it very effective. Asking for a lower dosage would put you in a better light as well. If (s)he is fully aware of your story, then it is unlikely you'll run into any major obstacles. Best of luck, hope you get the prescription changed and your tolerance doesn't go up too much.

    Help with sore throat?
    So I got my sore throat friday morning. It wasn't too bad..but by the end of the day it got worse i also had a fever...but the sore throat is more mom couldn't get me into the doctor until monday and I needed something so she took me to the ER. they gave me some antibiotics for my sick crappage. i took them til monday morning and nothing changed to so we got an appointment at my reg doctor. he gave me a shot and some prednisone that i have to take for three days to help the swelling in my throat go down faster. and he had me come back in the next day to see if anything got better. it had gotten a little better. but i still couldn't eat and barley drink. and swallowing my saliva hurts damn bad.I deffinatly couldn't swallow the big pills the ER told me to take. So I got another antibiotic shot thinger. I took the prednisone around 3:30 and it's like 6 right now.I haven't eaten normally since thursday. I'm realllyy hungry. i'm despirate for this to go away. finals are tomorrow and i have to go no matter how bad my throat still hurts. i'm trying to lay off the pills as much as possible.
    and swallowing all together i want to avoid. and i just don't know what to do anymore. i've had this for almost a week. it started friday. today is tuesday. Fast cures would be nice to know??

    • ANSWER:
      wow. that's crazy.
      i had a sore throat this morning, which meant that i was gna get a fever if i didnt cure it. so i just gargled some salted water. it works all the time for me. i feel all better now :D

    having pain when swallowing foods, liquids, saliva, etc. What could it be?
    hi there,

    after school I came home and had a glass of water, when I took a drink of the water I could feel it going all the way down my chest. You know the feeling when you have swallowed a big pill or a large sized candy? That is how it feels.

    I just ignored it, but I still have it. If I stretch my neck it hurts only the slightest bit, so I don't think its anything major. I know its not heart burn or anything. It feels like there is food stuck in my esophagus?

    I tried looking it up online and I couldn't really find anything that matched my situation. I take 3 pills each morning, two of them are pretty large. Could that be it?

    what should I do to get better?
    should I go see a doctor?


    • ANSWER:
      It happens sometimes when you gulp down a liquid in a hurry.Normally the discomfort goes away in 1-3 days,if not then better see a doctor for any damage done.

    Is there such thing as smaller or chewable prenatal vitamins?
    I know it might be a long shot, but I've been taking the vitamins for a week now, and EVERY time I try swallowing it whole, I gag and spit it out. And today I tried it again, and I vomited because one got stuck in my throat. Now, I chew the vitamins up, even though it has a disgusting taste to them. I've been told so many times now that I have to learn to swallow them, but I have a bad history of trying to swallow big pills. I always ask my doctors for small pills. This might sound childish, but does anyone know if they make smaller or chewable prenatal vitamins? I know that the vitamins are good for the baby and myself, I don't know how much more gagging and vomiting I can take. And no, it is NOT because of morning sickness.

    • ANSWER:
      I think Duet makes a chewable prenatal vitamin. Check with your OB.

    Stye the size of a pill has been inside my eyelid for a month, I don't know what to do PLEASE HELP ME?
    I've had a stye before and it went away eventually. This one has been inside my right eyelid for the last month or maybe even longer and it is the size of a big pill, I really don't know how to make it go away. I know i am not supposed to squeeze it out but I have squeezed a little bit and it seems like something solid in there, not something I can squeeze out. I am starting to get worried. I know i should be seeing my eye doctor and i will soon, but what is he going to do to remove the stye and how painful will it be?

    • ANSWER:
      I think sties are forms of infection so I don't think it'll be surgically removed. Possibly a liquid-based solution/medicine will be prescribed, or antibiotics. I'm not a doctor though. I've had sties when I was younger that have lasted a couple of weeks and I did not go to the doctor. I flushed my eye out with salt-water and it seemed to help speed up the healing process. I'm glad you'll be seeing your doctor soon! Sounds painful.

    My 10 yr old refuses to take pills ,and will only take liquid medications.How do I get him to take the pills?
    He can be serious sick and he will refuse to take pill medications. He saids he can not swallow them,but he eats candy bigger than the pills. He has a gag reflex and throats it up or just keeps saying I can't do it. I even smoosh them up and put them in his water and I will have to argue with him to get him to drink it.Help!

    • ANSWER:
      Ha i just the opposite. Try grinding it up but don't tell him maybe take him to the doctor with this situation

    How can i tell if and how big my boobs are going to get?
    hi, im 15years old, i have an "A" cupi know im not supposed to care about how big they are but whatever. so dont tell me that. so i was wondering if there is a way to tell if my boobs are going to get bigger, and if so how big. thankyou so much!!!
    p.s. any ways to get them bigger? (no pills or surgery)

    • ANSWER:
      There really is no way to tell how big they'll get when you're still growing. I have friends that have been an A cup since they were 14 and still are. I was a B cup when I was 15, and I'm a DD now (19), and no, it's not because I got fat. You never can tell.

      There's no way to make them bigger other than buying a padded bra or something like that.

      You said no pills, but I'm not sure if you mean some ramdon pills off the internet that say they work, etc, but as a side note, birth control pills generally make your girls bigger, and rounder (nicer shape). If you have other reasons to be on it (sexually active, acne, etc) it's a nice side effect.

      Ps- don't get surgery, they never look real! lol

    can sterling silver cause pimples as a reaction over time?
    i always wash my hands when i use the bathroom. i stay away from a lot of junk food. but sometimes i'll give myself a treat.

    im 25! im sick of these pimples!! sometimes i manage to get rid of most of them which i have no idea how i'm doing that. but its pissing me off because i really don't do anything to cause these damn pimples! and proactive doesn't do shit for me... pretty much everyone i know has clear skin. I WANT CLEAR SKIN.. enough is ENOUGH!!

    i need answers, products that actually work. i know this for a fact. it can't be treated from the outside for me. i was put on amoxicillin to get rid of pimples and it actually did work. not completely. but most of the pimples were gone and staying gone. only very little would manage to form on my face or my neck. then i got put off of it and that got me upset because they was forming again.

    i'm always wearing a sterling silver necklace, as well as earrings. but that still doesn't explain the forehead area unless my big plastic glasses have anything to do with it. do you think plastic glasses can cause pimples too?

    i notice things work better for me by a swallow of a pill rather then creams. the biggest pill i swallowed so far was the multivitamin. just to give example how big i can get with pill swallowing.

    please, i need help. these pimples get my self esteem low.

    • ANSWER:
      You might want to see a dermatologist. Adult acne is different from typical puberty acne, and may have special medication.

    std question. pkease help.?
    i've been with my boyfriend since sept. were almost making a year and you would think that i would be able to trust him but no. back in december i had gotten chlamydia, i got treated with zithromax a big pill and clotrimazole vaginal cream for a yeast infection. i went back to the gyno and pee'd in a cup said that i didn't have anything anymore, i should of asked then the yeast or the std but i was to embarrassed to asked. also they didn't give me a paps smear which i'm not sure why cause i believe their suppose to. but i never got blood drawn again to see if it did clear up cause the doctors didn't say i had to. so months later this month me and my b.f got in a fight due to someone informing me on my forspring that he's been cheatng on me. i figured it was his ex. so i message her, it was a back and forth type of thing and she ends up telling me he's dirty. now... when i asked my b.f and told him when i had it he said he didn't give it to me. but i told him to go get tested anyway cause we did have before. which he never did. not even when he used to be with his g.f. but anyways she tells me that i tell her to call me and she tells me that she did have the C to before from him. so here i go again through all of this. i went and got my state id and went to the clinic. they took blood. and gave me a paps. the results don't come till a few weeks so i won't no what i really have now. but i do have vaginatus which i am taking pliva 334 to treat it. and at the doctors she gave me Azithromycin a powder drink.

    i am so sorry for giving my like whole life story but i didn't know how else to say it. but my question is the 1st time i went to a private doctor who gave me the cream one big i think pink pill then some white pill and the clinic gave me powder. do they work in the same way or does one work better than the other. will it for sure clear it up or no? i'm just concerned. thank you to anyone who takes the time to help me out.

    • ANSWER:
      Wow... Dirty girl... But I'm not here to judge...
      Clotrimazole is an antifungal, to clear the yeast infection...

      Zythromax and azithromyacin are antibiotics, which kill bacteria...

      Your vaginitis could just be the chlamydia, or it could be the return or your candidiasis... In which case you'll get more antifungals...

      At this point I'm surprised your not getting IV penicillin and broad spectrum antibiotics, you sound like a germ factory... But let's get down to the heart of this issue, u may have an even worse STD... These can be early signs of a larger autoimmune disease, you are either a very dirty girl, or these could be opportunistic infections... Look into this possibility...

    please help. std question?
    i've been with my boyfriend since sept. were almost making a year and you would think that i would be able to trust him but no. back in december i had gotten chlamydia, i got treated with zithromax a big pill and clotrimazole vaginal cream for a yeast infection. i went back to the gyno and pee'd in a cup said that i didn't have anything anymore, i should of asked then the yeast or the std but i was to embarrassed to asked. also they didn't give me a paps smear which i'm not sure why cause i believe their suppose to. but i never got blood drawn again to see if it did clear up cause the doctors didn't say i had to. so months later this month me and my b.f got in a fight due to someone informing me on my forspring that he's been cheatng on me. i figured it was his ex. so i message her, it was a back and forth type of thing and she ends up telling me he's dirty. now... when i asked my b.f and told him when i had it he said he didn't give it to me. but i told him to go get tested anyway cause we did have before. which he never did. not even when he used to be with his g.f. but anyways she tells me that i tell her to call me and she tells me that she did have the C to before from him. so here i go again through all of this. i went and got my state id and went to the clinic. they took blood. and gave me a paps. the results don't come till a few weeks so i won't no what i really have now. but i do have vaginatus which i am taking pliva 334 to treat it. and at the doctors she gave me Azithromycin a powder drink.

    i am so sorry for giving my like whole life story but i didn't know how else to say it. but my question is the 1st time i went to a private doctor who gave me the cream one big i think pink pill then some white pill and the clinic gave me powder. do they work in the same way or does one work better than the other. will it for sure clear it up or no? i'm just concerned. thank you to anyone who takes the time to help me out.

    • ANSWER:

    you know how parents hate long hair?

    well my mom forced me to cut mine, and i hate it with a passion, it used to be long, curly, and equally balanced out,

    NOW, it's all the same length and looks like a big clutter ball, it's not that short, i'd call it medium, but it's noticeably shorter and suckssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss because curly hair goes up and looks shorter than it actually is depending on your curls, so my hair sucks right now, i really wanna get it back

    WHEN THE HELL IS IT GONNA BE BACK TO NORMAL!? i feel like crying, i have a big pill-like feeling in my throat, i hate my new hair
    it also used to be layered, please give me an honest answer, im like about to cry, i hate it with a passssssion, i used to be obsessed with it and love it with a passion, i hate my mom for doing that

    • ANSWER:

    how can i get my bf off drugs?
    i been with my bf for a year and he has a really big pill problem. he spends like a day he works all day just to get high is how i look at it. i left him numerous times i thought if he lost me it would help him. He use to beg for me back at first and promise me he would stop but he would do it again after he got me back. the last time i broke up with him he didnt beg for me anymore he just left and i cried for him back. i dnt think he will pick me over drugs and i dnt know wat to do.

    • ANSWER:

    How do I get my parents to trust me and let me go out?
    OK so uhhg my parents r complete tools and literally never let me do anything. Like i have had experience with drugs and thats why they stopped trusting me ...but my bf is kinda a big pill head but hes actually cleaning up bc of me and im not aloud to hang out with him and im not aloud to hang out with my best friend and its soo bad bc i spend my weekends on facebook and sleeping and even if i did hang out with them i would have to sneak out and i got caught once already haha and i stopped doing drugs for a really long time and i got a drug test like a month ago and it was all clean but they still won't let me go out what should i do bc there destroying my social life!! :'(

    • ANSWER:
      Try making friends with other people whom your parents might like more. Hang out with them for awhile to earn back your parents' trust, then see if they might be willing to give your other friend and your boyfriend another chance.

      And keep staying away from drugs. Most of them do a lot more damage to a still-developing body and mind than they do to adult ones. After early twenties or so, most of the body and brain are finished developing, and so you have a little more leeway to experiment with things of that nature. EXPERIMENT not USE REGULARLY, mind you. There's a huge difference. Anyway, just saying, keep it up. Good luck.

    Why do mac owners think there cool?
    Macs suck... here are my reasons why

    Macs are ridiculously over priced.
    Macs have to have such high prices because they share a very small market of the computer market; the monopoly of course belongs to Windows. For example, you can get a 0 Compaq Presario notebook or a MacBook with the same specs for 00.
    PCs are expandable and upgradeable
    PCs have a larger cross section of part available that are as good if not better then those provided by the manufacture.
    AAC sounds like shit, and so does mp3
    AAC sounds more like your listening to music at a dance club. Way to much treble and bass not enough mid range sounds. You really have no other choice in codec’s. So your pretty much screwed.
    With a PC you get options. Don’t like Windows Media Player then try VLC, don’t like that then try something else. With a Mac there well iTunes. The biggest pill o’ crap I have ever seen. Always screws up your file structure. Pain in the ass to work with when trying to copy over files to the iPod. All in all it just sucks.
    You really can’t do any cool customizations to a Mac. You can what change out the Apple colors. With a PC you can do sweet mods like shoving a computer into a pumpkin just for the hell of it, or even making your laptop look like the souls of the dead are trying to escape. You never see any of this stuff for a Mac because it would be a waste to try. Be out k just to do something small, and if it breaks well your out. With a PC you would maybe spend 0-0 on a base computer. If you have monitors.
    In windows when you maximize it take up the screen. On a Mac it leaves holes and gaps everywhere. All this means is when I click some place I’m more likely to pull up another window that I didn’t want. I don’t know about you but at any give time I have probable 8 windows open and that’s not counting my FireFox tabs. And when you get on a roll writing some code the last thing you want is to click something and have it appear right in your face and make you loose your momentum.
    Closing Programs
    When you go to close a program on a Mac it doesn’t really close. Whats this lead to wasted CPU processes and resources. When I close something I want it to close not just sit there.
    When using alt-tab on a Mac it only shuffles the minimized programs not the current displaying programs. So what if I got 5 chats open and I want to switch. You take this and the closing programs and you got a pain in the ass as well to try and switch quickly between programs.
    Too many command keys
    Function, control, alt, option, and command (which used to be called open apple and is sometimes referred to by its symbol). Which one do I use to right-click again? Which one makes the delete button delete? Surely we can get rid of one or two of these.
    No dedicated Page Up, Page Down, Home, and End keys
    Enough said. How can you not have those keys. If you work in a terminal at all they are so nice to have, or if you have to go through pages of documents. You just can’t have them.
    Clock sucks
    It really sucks. Sun 10:00 AM. I want to know the date – I know it’s Sunday, for crying out loud. Maybe I can change the format. Let’s go look. Nope, but I can add seconds or flashing separators. Who needs the date when you can make those colons flash?
    (My Linux clock not only shows me some useful information, but I can also get a quick glimpse of the calendar by clicking it. Sorry Mac, but the Linux clock kicks your clock’s ass.)
    Safari Sucks
    Safari was released three years ago. I still can’t tab to a select list. But, to be fair, that’s probably really hard to do.
    This would be my number one reason I hate the Mac. There are zero games. Yet alone you really have shit for graphics processing to handle the games. The last real game was World of Warcraft that you could play on the Mac and even then WOW disappointed me (Longtime EQ player, would take me pages to describe my disappointment.). Personal I would want to be able to play a game on a computer that I paid 00 for being that the tower I got now was that much and I have dual screens and at the time on of the best graphics cards on the market, and it looks way cooler then any of that Mac crap.

    And yet pc users are found inferior to mac users. I was going to buy a mac until I realized these flaws after test driving my friends mac.

    • ANSWER:
      In short, PCs have the same (If not better) specs, far more software compatibility and yet are far cheaper. So Mac users just think they are better because they cost more


      HP Pavilion DV6-2115sa - £629.99

      AMD Turion II Ultra Dual-Core - 2.7 GHz
      4 GB RAM
      15.6" Screen
      500GB HDD
      ATI Radeon HD 4650

      APPLE MacBook MC207B/A - £799.00

      Intel® Core™2 Duo - 2.26 GHz
      2 GB RAM
      13.3" Screen
      250GB HDD
      NVIDIA GeForce 9400M

    Why does my sternum hurt?
    It started just today. I was sleeping then woke up because my sternum felt funny. It didn't hurt, but it felt almost hollowed out and sunken. Didn't get better no matter how I laid. When I got up it seemed to get worse, and it's really uncomfortable to breathe.

    Sometimes changing the way I sit (twisting my torso to the left, slouching forward, and so on) makes the discomfort go away for a little bit, but it soon starts feeling uncomfortable again. It doesn't really hurt unless I try to breathe deep, but it's getting there. And, this is probably not relevant at all, but I was kind of awake and asleep two days ago- I guess like...limbo? Anyway, while I was like that it felt like I hit something real hard, and it jostled me awake rather rudely. I have two dogs that sleep in the bed with me (one small and the other medium sized), but they didn't seem to have moved from their spots at all, yet the hit felt incredibly real and I still felt it even when I woke up.

    My mom told me that she and my Nana have had the same kind of pain, then she told me to take some Ibuprofen (sp?) but I don't know what it might do since it's a big pill and I have a small body, not to mention I don't know what's wrong with me, and if taking that will hurt or help.

    I know asking an online community isn't the proper course of action for internal pains, but I can't go to the Doctor's in this weather so hopefully someone here knows what's up and how to make it better if not go away.

    • ANSWER:
      It can't hurt you to take some ibuprofen as it is an anti inflmatory aswell as a painkiller. I have similiar pain at the moment which is being caused by costochondritis (basically the cartilage that joins the ribs to the sternum is inflamed). When I push down on my sternum it hurts like hell. It can be mild or severe and can cause pain and difficulty breathing in deep (your lungs can't expand to full capacity because of the inflamation I was told). It may not be that but if it is ibuprofen & paracetamol is all thats advised unless it's really bad. If you get chest pain thats any worse, do go to the hospital. Chest pain isn't something to mess around with.

    How to ask my doctor for social anxiety disorder medications?
    So I saw my doctor today after dodging her for 2 years for a check up. I brought up my school thought I had social anxiety disorder.I told her how every night I would get bad stomach pains if I had to meet with large groups of people and at school I would get sick to my stomach when having to go I would throw up. I told her I had switched to online schools. I'm on the honor roll now - my grades were failing before I would skip school just so I did not see all the people. She asked me about my sleeping habits I told her I stay up till 5 am and wake up at 12 pm. I also told her I eat 1 sometimes 2 meals a day.This is what she has me doing.......

    Eating habits
    -Eat in the morning at least an apple

    for my sleeping this is what she told me to do.
    Only drink 4 cups of coffee a day and not past 3 pm
    no drinking pop past 3 pm
    Take melatonin (over the counter sleeping meds) at 10pm
    write in a journal in the morning and night time
    don't watch tv or computer an hour before bed
    lay down at 11:30 pm wake up at 9 am.

    She wants me to see a therapist- im not ready to see a therapist at this time. I'm going to try this for a a month to see how its working but so far no difference at all. How do I tell her I think medications might help with the support of my family. What medications work for people. I'm not a big pill person I am more of an organic person but I would like to try medications out.

    • ANSWER:
      Id give the new eating and sleeping habits a good attempt before going on anxiety medications.. Besides were not nocturnal so waking up and beiing about to be out before the sun goes down is probably a good thing and getting as much sunlight as you can in your body is healthy too.. you may have lack of vitamin D who knows.. As for eating.. one meal a day isnt giving you enough energy.. having low sugars in your blood is a hugeee factor in anxiety.. with my anxiety i find if i just eat ill feel better. also eating one meal a day might lead to future issues that are worse than anxiety. if after a month there is no noticable changes (keeping in mind that you have to have the right mindset since afterall anxiety is more mentally created than physically) than you can go see your doctor and let him/her know and they can find the medication that will work with your lifestyle

    I dont want to be whats good?
    Well here it is quite simply, i must be gay since i have feelings for men but i dont want to be gay, when i hear people sing about women i KNOW and i UNDERSTAND what they are talking about how they are just perfect and love is just all over them but i cant seem to find that in my self and my dick just doesnt work with it, but i dont know because if i see a naked sexy man it doesnt really turn me on and i dont really think i would want to be bummed by a man i dont think i would want a dick up my ass....but as i said my dick doesnt get hard if i see a naked do i just not like woman or men do i just have no sexual vybe cause if so that is quite depressing and quite a big pill to swallow, i know that before i started smoking weed i had a VERY VERY VERY strong sexual feeling for women and i loved them all for what they were and everything and when i finnaly had sex with a woman it was enjoyible it was so great but now after ive smoked weed i dont feel anything, i realised i had feelings for men when i got high around men because my feelings were just really strong all over and i couldnt grasp my emotions around men. People have told me it might of been the people i smoked weed with, since they were hardknocks and all of them liked to fight alot, so maybe i was just scared to show my love? i dont kno....i mean can any gay people or straight people give any sort of similar experience with this scenario because its fucking killing me and im dead bored with life and i just want to find some sort of sexual love just please if you can, it would mean alot to me.....

    • ANSWER:

    How to deal with social anxiety?
    So I saw my doctor today after dodging her for 2 years for a check up. I brought up my school thought I had social anxiety disorder.I told her how every night I would get bad stomach pains if I had to meet with large groups of people and at school I would get sick to my stomach when having to go I would throw up. I told her I had switched to online schools. I'm on the honor roll now - my grades were failing before I would skip school just so I did not see all the people. She asked me about my sleeping habits I told her I stay up till 5 am and wake up at 12 pm. I also told her I eat 1 sometimes 2 meals a day.This is what she has me doing.......

    Eating habits
    -Eat in the morning at least an apple

    for my sleeping this is what she told me to do.
    Only drink 4 cups of coffee a day and not past 3 pm
    no drinking pop past 3 pm
    Take melatonin (over the counter sleeping meds) at 10pm
    write in a journal in the morning and night time
    don't watch tv or computer an hour before bed
    lay down at 11:30 pm wake up at 9 am.

    She wants me to see a therapist- im not ready to see a therapist at this time. I'm going to try this for a a month to see how its working but so far no difference at all. How do I tell her I think medications might help with the support of my family. What medications work for people. I'm not a big pill person I am more of an organic person but I would like to try medications if nothing els works. What other ways I can try other then medications?

    • ANSWER:

    What are the best pills to make boobs bigger ?
    What would be the cheapest but still good working pills to make my boobs grow a little bigger ?
    I'm not asking to go up three sizes. So don't make comments about how i'm not going to magically get huge boobs and blah blah blah. I already know.
    Also, where can I find them ?

    • ANSWER:
      Free hormones are self induced. You can make them grow by nipple stimulation. Makes prolactin!
      If you stimulate at regular times 3 times a day they will grow. but it might take several weeks to notice the dif. It simulates pregnancy so could take 9 months.

    How to get a bigger butt?
    I'm asian, see.
    But I HATE HATE HATE how asians are all skinny, but no anything.
    I mean, I already have the boobs part down because of my mom's genes, but my butt. =0
    it's big for an asian, but too normal for white people. and then for black people, it's like, considered flat.
    I'm 14, and I know that I'll grow and all that, but does anyone know, like seriously, how to make my butt bigger? (no pills or buying weird guides online.)
    I'd really appreciate it if someone does share some info ;)
    and I don't want it to be fake.
    Fake is stupid.
    So no stuffing or anything.

    • ANSWER:

    What's the big deal with credit?
    At the risk of sounding like a troll or judgmental, I'd like to preface this question by directing it towards people my own age, which would be 18-25, give or take a few years.

    Growing up, I was always listening and watching my parents and other adults in my life complain about how hard their credit was to manage. Naturally, all the horror stories made me terrified of getting a credit card or doing anything that would tamper with my credit in a negative way.

    Now, at 20, I'm a full time college student with a part time job and spotless credit. I always grew up thinking that spotless credit = instant approval for loans, services, etc. That really isn't the case. I've been turned down so much for having no credit, it's ridiculous.

    So, vexed with having little options to work with, I decided on a credit card. It's a big pill to swallow after you learn all the terms and conditions, but if you've got good budgeting skills and the ability to be reasonable about what you can and can't afford, I don't see why people glorify it as this negative thing.

    Does anyone else feel that credit -- credit cards, building credit, what have you -- is not this big, scary monster that's going to eat you and leave you in massive debt? I'm very eager to see if I'm not the only one.
    beadlz - Thanks for your reply. I singled out that age group because I wanted to see how many people around my age either felt the same or felt that they have control over their finances and credit. I find that a lot of older people who have made poor choices are the ones who misconstrue warning younger people with scaring them into believing they shouldn't take out a credit card at all.

    • ANSWER:
      You are right credit doesn't kill people debt kills people. if you manage credit properly you and your score will be fine. Rules to follow

      1. Don't use more than 25% of the credit limit (eg on a card with a ,000 limit you don't want to go higher than 0 balance
      2. Don't pay off bill every month - credit card company don't like "deadbeats" they need to earn money off of you and if they do they will reward you with higher limits
      3. never miss a payment, even a small one. Being late on a .00 balance will cause your score to drop 100+ points
      4. Don't go over your limit, even if they let you. This will cause extra fees plus a large hit to your credit score

    How can I naturally make my boobs bigger?
    I am 14 and only have small bumps for boobs. All my friends have huge boobs and guys make fun of me for it. They aren't even big enough to make them look bigger in a push up bra. Is there any way at all that I can make then bigger other than pills and surgery? Foods I can eat? I have posted other questions about this but have not gotten satisfying answers, so please help!! Anything at all will help! Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      By growing up naturally... youre still young.

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