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How To Get A Bigger Bum Exercises

Written By: admin - Apr• 30•12

Do you want to know how to get bigger breast naturally with exercise in the most effective and safest way? For sure, you are one of those several women who are longing to have bigger breasts. However, other options like breasts surgery is simply not for you. You are maybe skeptical about other methods because you simply are not convinced of how those means work. Other common reason is that the cost is unreasonable.

Then perhaps you heard about this natural way of augmenting your cup size that will not cost you anything. Your only problem is how to get bigger breast naturally with exercise. The technique is easy and it can be done in a maximum of 15-30 minutes. You do not have to do it everyday, but exercising 3 to 4 times a week is ideal enough.

The Principle Behind This Method

Some could not grasp the logical reason behind this method. How can an exercise help improve the size of your boobs. If you have a preconceived notion about breasts exercise that it will give a dramatic result like the implant, then you are just going to frustrate yourself. That is not how it works. This method takes time. Why? You need to develop and tone your pectoral muscles. Your pectoral muscles are the key to the increase of your breast size. By doing the specific exercise for your boobs, your pectoral muscles would be toned up and would become taunted. Thus, it will lift your breast tissues and give your boobs additional mass and strength. Aside from that, you posture will improve and it will create an illusion of having a much bigger breasts.

3 Things To Do And Remember Before Working out

First, consult your doctor. You have to know if you are physically fit to do the exercise. Yes, this is a breast enhancement exercise but it does not mean that you have to neglect your physical and or medical condition, given that there is a pre-existing health issue.

Second, remember that you are simply toning your pectoral muscles and correcting your posture. So this means that a cup size A will not result to Cup size D. Having a mindset like that will only discourage or dismay you.

Third, eat the right food. Eating protein rich food will help build your muscles. Do not starve yourself. Eat a well-balanced diet. A good serving of protein and carbohydrates help you achieve your goal.

The Routines

  • Bench press is a good routine to add mass on your chest. Now, before your mind go berserk, of course you are not going to lift those heavy barbells. You would not turn macho after the given period. You would simply lift the bar without those two heavy discs on each side. For a start, you can have
  • Inclined press, this routine can help make your chest out.
  • Push up tones your pectoral muscles. So, try to do push up in your exercise. You can alternate this with inclined press. There are different kinds of pushups like the clap pushups, incline/ decline push up, Relax and stress out push up, modified, and other variations. You can choose any from those.
  • Other exercises that help increase the size of your bosom are: Pectoral press, butterfly, dumbbell chest press, palm pressing, pressure, and some others.

You can also consult a professional fitness instructor for the correct way of doing those exercises. So those are the things you need to know on how to get bigger breast naturally with exercise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How can i get a bigger bum, but stay healthy?
    what exercises can i do that will get me a bigger bum, but also be good for my heart.
    :( need it bigger but i don't want to just sit and eat.

    • ANSWER:
      do bummy exercises lol:P


      Stand straight on one foot and slowly take one leg back straight while moving your uppper body forward while doing this keep every leg and bummy muscle tight asuaming you are standing on your right foot, keep your upper body and left leg parallel to the floor, keep this still and tight for 1 minuate on each leg 2-3 reps per day?

      hope this helps .. also hope its not to hard to understand lol :P

    what exercises would i have to do to get my big bum back?
    I've always had a big round bum but just over a couple days i havent eaten been eaten well and doing alot of exercise and its just shrunk :(
    Should I just go back to how used to be ?see if that makes a difference
    or if not how can i make it bigger without losing weight on it :/ ?

    • ANSWER:
      The right cardio exercise and weight training activities (like squats
      and deadlifts) can make a difference in your backside and help you get
      those buns of steel. Find out the best cardio and strength training
      exercises for strengthening and firming up your rear.
      1. Squats.
      Squats are one of the best exercises you can do for your hips, butt
      and thighs. Stand with feet hip-width apart and squat, keeping back
      straight, abs in and knees behind your toes. Let your butt lightly
      touch chair and squeeze butt to stand up. Repeat for 2-3 sets of 8-12
      reps and add weights for more intensity.
      2. Lunges. Stand in a split
      stance, with feet about 3 feet apart. You want both knees to be at
      about 90-degree angles at the bottom of the movement, so adjust
      accordingly. Hold weights in each hand (or place a barbell behind the
      neck) for added intensity. Bend the knees and lower the back knee
      toward the floor, keeping the front heel down and the knee directly
      over the centre of the foot. Keep the torso straight and abs in as you
      push through the front heel and back to starting position. Don't lock
      the knees at the top of the movement. Perform 1 to 3 sets of 10 to 16
      reps according to your fitness level and goals.
      3. Step Ups. For step
      ups, you simply place one foot on a step or platform and push through
      the heel onto the step. This is an excellent exercise for the glutes.
      4. Hip Extensions. Lie on the floor with feet propped on the ball,
      legs straight. Keeping abs tight, slowly lift your hips off the floor
      (squeezing the buttocks) until body is in a straight line. Hold for a
      few seconds and lower, repeating 10 to 15 times.
      5. One-Legged Deadlifts. You should skip this exercise if you
      have any back problems. To do this move, take the left leg back just a bit, lightly
      resting on the toe. With the weights in front of the thighs, tip from
      the hips and lower the weights as low as your flexibility allows. Keep
      your back flat or with a natural arch and make sure you keep the abs
      contracted to protect the back. Squeeze the glutes of the working leg
      to raise back up. Do 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps.
      6. Hiking. Now the
      exercises listed above aren't the only strength moves for the glutes,
      but we often forget that there are cardio activities that will also
      engage the backside. Hiking is one of those activities and it also
      burns tons of calories. Also, walking up an incline automatically gets
      your glutes more involved and, if you're wearing a backpack, you're
      really getting a workout. A 140-lb person burns about 390 calories in
      about an hour!
      7. Biking. Riding a bike is great for your heart and it
      also targets almost every muscle in your hips, thighs and butt. On a
      stationary bike, alternate 3 minutes at 70-80 RPM with 2 minutes at
      100-110 RPM for a calorie-blasting 30 minute workout. You can also try
      Spinning at the gym or riding outside. Gear up to really work your
      glutes! A 140-lb person burns 335 calories in 45 minutes.
      8. Running. Running, like walking, is accessible, easy to learn, reduces stress,
      helps in weight loss, and it makes you feel good. Plus, it really
      works your butt, especially when you add a few hills to your regular
      running route. A 140-lb person burns 475 calories during a 45 minute
      9. Kickboxing. Kickboxing was a hot item back in the day, but it's
      still a great workout. Controlled kicks work your hips, thighs and
      butt while complex combinations that include punches will target your
      abs to make them stronger. A 140-lb woman will burn up to 500 calories
      with 45 minutes of kickboxing.
      10. Walking. Walking is easy: you can do
      it anywhere, anytime with no special equipment. There's no learning
      curve and it's something you can incorporate all day long. If you walk
      up hills, you can really target your glutes and, if you pick up the
      intensity, you'll burn some of that extra flab off your buns! A 140-lb
      person burns about 300 calories an hour during a brisk walk.

    how to get a big bum with being at home?? what exercises? and flat tummy?? please help?
    i have 3kids and have a bulge tummy not to big know .. i cant go gym and just need a simple exexcise to get rid of it i also want a bigger butt how can i do that at home as well?? please help by commenting? thankyou

    • ANSWER:
      Get youself a medicine ball. You can do so many exercises with it and it works for just about everything. No machines or gym membership needed. Do squats and lunges and cruches with it for the purpose you want. Most come with an exercise chart otherwise you can look up what to do with it on the internet.

    How do I tone and exercise without bulking up the bum and thighs?
    I eat right, go the the gym regularly, but I have naturally big muscles, so the more I exercise, it seems the bigger my butt is getting! I do squats and lunges, but get bigger bum because of the muscle growth, how to I tone up and lose fat WITHOUT bulking up and getting a bigger bum/thighs ?!?!?! Please help. Serious answers needed. Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      same exercise use less weight. you could even increase the reps with less weight and not increase muscle size. big muscle relates to heavey weights, toned muscle relates to reps

    How can i get a bigger bum?
    I have absolutely nooo bum whatsoever. i was wondering if there was anything i could do to make it a bit perkier? exercises or anything?!?!?

    • ANSWER:

    how do i get a bigger bum?
    are there any exercises to help make your bum look bigger?

    • ANSWER:

    Wanting slender legs but bigger tonned bum?
    I've started a workout routine of cardio & yoga in attempt to loose weight & tone up my legs.

    However, after looking in the mirror, I noticed my bum is looking rather 'average' & untoned, so I'd like to tone it up & get it firm & round.

    I've heard that squats & lunges are the best exercise for a toned backside; would you agree? How long to see results? But a worry I have is will these squats & lunges cause my legs to bulk up, in my particular my calf muscles? I desperately want to get rid of my calf & thigh fat, & some bulky muscle I have on the inside if my calves.

    If you know of any other very effective exercises for a bigger toned bum, please share.

    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Goodmornings, Straight leg dead lifts, Back extention, Supermans, Lunges, Any squat varietions with dumbell and barbells.

    how to get a bigger bum?
    ok so i already have a big bum and thin waste, and hips but i want it to get bigger and like toned up what exercises can i do to make it bigger and more toned ? and better legs to i love my body don't get me wrong but i want to love it even more for the summer time. please and thanks <3 (:

    • ANSWER:
      Im with you on that. I actually found a really good exercise for a bigger bum. you first stretch and whatnot then you do 100 squats and 100 lunges. in may not sound fun but it really works. you may be kinda sore in your bum and thighs but thats a good sign.

    How do i make my bum look bigger?
    I am not afraid to admit it. i have a tiny booty. I almost have no bum at all. lol. I really want to get a nice firm bum for the summer. Is there anything i can do to get some more muscle on my butt? Or any exercises i can do to make it bigger?

    This question is not a joke, im kind of self conscious about my bum.

    • ANSWER:
      Simple. Eat more and sit on your ass all day and do nothing. You'll have a nice round one in no time :)

    Exercises that increase bum size?
    How to get a bigger bum?

    • ANSWER:

    has anyone got any tips on how to get a bigger bum?
    has anyone got any?
    have you done any exercises and had positive results?

    i want that !

    • ANSWER:
      squats is a very good bum builder.
      jumping lunges is also a wonderful tool for building butt. check video in reference link


    How to get a bigger bum & boobs? (10 POINTS!!)?
    Hi. I'm naturally skinny and tall (5'11'' to be precise). And the one thing I hate about wearing bikinis is that my bum is so small and I hate being flat chested, it makes me look a bit like a boy! I just wanna get a bigger bum and boobs but keep my slim figure. Are there any exercises that would help me get a bigger bum? (I bought some bikinis the other day and i just realised how like a boy i look!). I dont wanna put on weight because i know its unhealthy to (i dont wanna stop going to the gym etc etc) and I dont wanna gain weight in other places.
    Does anyone know any ways to gain weight in those areas? thanks xx

    • ANSWER:
      You cannot get fat in particular places as body fat goes on and come off evenly all over. Best thing for you Bum is to develop the muscles which are the largest muscles of your body. Ask at your gym and there should be an expert their, if there isn't then change your gym, that can advise you what is the best exercise. As for your breasts you are born with them and nothing, apart from surgery, can change them. To me you have the best figure in the world. Try to live with it.

    How do you get bigger hips bum and legs?
    Can an exercise bike achieve this?
    what sort of exercises can you do?
    Foods to eat?

    • ANSWER:
      bike will help you in bringing out tone in quads and hams......
      but i suggest you try full squats and deadlifts to develop better glutes and legs.
      learn the proper technique first can find plenty on youtube.

    hey anyone know how to get a bigger bum QUICK?
    some simple exercises please!!
    :) )
    my goodness! i don't want a big butt like when ur over wieght!
    just a cute little bum :)
    u kno? the ones that are sexxyy ;)

    • ANSWER:
      duhh... because 'bigger' aka thicka! butts look sooo much sexier...

      i.e: brazilians, etc.

      squats and lunges girl!
      they ultimately lift and tighten

    how do you get a bigger bum a thighs?!?
    I am 5ft 4 and 45kg (yes I know I am massive..) I hate having skinny legs and no bum!!
    I eat healthy and more recently (the past year) I have had a tremendous relationship with all things chocolate, in short, I eat like a pig, I don't get it, the more I seem to eat, the lighter I get, WHATS WRONG WITH ME! Don't be smart and tell me not to eat - cause I like to eat!
    But I'm fed up having skinny legs and NO bum at all, what exercise (if there is one) will make them bigger?!

    • ANSWER:
      Eat at McDonalds.

      But for a serious answer, run on the treadmill

    How can i get larger breasts and a bigger firmer bum?
    Trying to get my body back into shape ready for summer! How can I get firmer larger (or appear larger) breasts and bum.. without surgery, pills, creams or putting on weight.. All natural please :) also I don't have weights but getting some shouldn't be a problem just don't have enough money at the moment. Also if I do exercise how long will it take to notice a difference?

    Thankyou!! :)

    • ANSWER:
      there is no way,
      you can try push up bras
      or padded pants or bras

    How would I get a bigger sexier bum?
    I am a size 8 with a 32C bra size- My figure is quite boring so i need to add some curves.

    Only recently I have learnt to love my figure but I would still like to make adjustments (who wouldn't).

    I wondered how id go about getting a bigger bum? i don't want to eat loads of fatty foods as it will go in the wrong place and the results won't be flattering. what exercises can I do to help give it more muscle? what gym equipment can I use? or even what food shall I eat? I do want to put on weight to so anything thats healthy but bulks you up.

    To bulk up my glutes do i need to do less reps and sets but heavier weights? also how can i use heavy weights on my bum without using gym equipment?

    I just want to feel my best on holiday :)

    thanks guys :)

    • ANSWER:
      2 words, SPIN-CLASS speed cycling is the perfect way to create great shape to your thighs, and booty.

    How can I get a bum lift without having a surgery?
    I have a quite a big bum but it's kinda flat.It's doesn't have a lift like I want it to.I want to wear a low rise jeans and see my bum looking good in it.I have done exercises but none has worked for me.I want to have a tight bum that looks nice.My boyfriend thinks it's not necessary having a bum lift but i want it if it's possible.

    • ANSWER:
      Use the StairMaster at the gym and do some squats, sumo squats, and plie lifts.

      Squats: just like you think.
      Sumo Squats: legs far apart and bend into it deep
      Plie Lifts: legs shoulder width apart, toes turned out, squat down, lift your heels when down, put heels back down, return to start.

    How can I (a guy) get a bigger bum?

    So. I'm a 17 year old guy. But, whenever I'm with a girl, one way or another she notices my abnormally small bottom. I'm in relatively good shape, managed to get my 8-pack back after quitting karate, and stopped running more or less and hit the gym. but. my ass. well. I just don't have one. Ive looked up all I can on Google, changed my diet to gain muscle, so on and so forth. I do thousands (literally) of squats every other day. I can squat 210 (plus 40lb bar) 10x. butt. i lack the butt. I've tried a lot, but I can feel the burn, everyone excluding it. Its actually so tiny, my doctor had mentioned if I had any lower back problems, which luckily I don't.
    sorry for the rambling, but If I just post "how to get a bigger bottom", it will just be what I've already tried.
    My girl (of a 2 years :D ) always busts my balls about it. So I'm mostly doing it over that matter (school chairs hurt too).
    What can I do to really target my *ss muscles? I know. SQUEEZE. release. But its not helping.

    I have been doing many of these exercises over quite a few years. so its not just the "it takes time" thing. And compared to the rest of my body its admittedly pretty funny looking.

    Thank you everyone!

    • ANSWER:
      Squats and lunges are what you need to keep doing, but you need to up the weight of your squats. High rep squats are useful for muscular endurance, but you need to go heavier, with fewer reps (in the 3-5 range). Look into Starting Strength program, or Bill Starr's 5x5 or Westside, etc. You also probably need to be eating more calories to put on more muscle tissue.

    How to get a smaller bum, haha?
    I want a smaller butt LOL
    like, its not that big, but its still big.
    What exercises are the most effective? Any tips?
    thank youu

    • ANSWER:
      Not sure about that. But good news you know how to make your boobs bigger? Rub toilet paper between them! How do you think your butt got that way? :)

    what are the best exercises to tone the bum?
    I want to really tone up my bum. I don`t what it big, i just what it toned. What are the best exercises for this? Also my bum sticks out, how can i get it to be in line with the rest of my body? I want a sexy bum.

    • ANSWER:
      I used to have a killer butt (as well as killer arms, legs) when I did Ashtanga yoga (it's the kind Madonna does). Basically a bunch a of lunges and squats plus much much more.

    How to get a bigger bum?
    I am a male 18yrs old about 125lbs, I plan to go to the gym like crazy and start eatting a lot more to gain sum weight. I know this is a really weird question to ask, but i have a flat ass. I want to know if there are any specific exercises i can do to gain sum fat around the area.

    Thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      squat thrusts will help the ol Glutes.....

    If I do this will I get a bigger butt?

    I have almost a flat butt and I want to get a big nice round butt so bad and I saw this website do you think it will work an be affective? Pls don't talk about genes and stuff because I mean like yeah maybe its true but I heard lots of people did so,e exercises that made them bum bigger. Pls dnt be offending Thanks!

    • ANSWER:

    (PLEASE ANSWER!?- I'll try and answer yours?)How to get a flat stomache and smaller bum?
    I'm 14 (female) I'm average build but I have a little fat on my stomach and a BIG bum!.
    (I eat out of boredom =| ) Is there anything I can do to get rid of the fat? Any type of exercises? Something which will help me see the results quicker....

    Answers greatly appreciated

    Thankyou :)

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, there are a lot of great exercises that can easily get rid of the fat. I have fat on my stomach too and I've found these exercises to be the most helpful. They do really work. You just have to do them continually for about a week or so before you see results. Just because you don't see immediate results doesn't mean they aren't working. They do work, I promise. The best part about these exercises is that each set of exercises only takes 5 minutes! And here are some butt exercises too that will help. I hope you get a flat stomach and smaller bum. Good Luck to you :) - Stomach - Stomach - Butt - Butt

      Answer mine as promised? :);_ylt=ApiGg.Ix.Y1_DVeaBnwbqo_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110708175314AAcTXuD

    My lower half is fatter than my upper half, I have a big bum and thighs, how do I get rid of this?
    What are the best exercises to get rid of this and even out my body, I'm a guy. What else can I do?

    • ANSWER:
      Skipping is great and if you can manage at least 15 minutes every other day you'll be givinng yoursel;f a great cardio. I would then run for 15 minutes and then you can start on the toning exercises.

      Try to do this 3/4 times a week and after a couple of weeks, you'll be able to add more to your workout and run and skip for longer and the weight loss will absolutely start to show through.

      I've added some suggestions for exercises just in case you wanted some ideas.

      For thighs:
      For butt:

    Losing weight healthily - the best way for my body type?
    I am 160cm tall (5"3) and 54.5kg (119.9lbs). I don't think i am fat, or overweight - but i would like to be more comfortable with my body size. I am fairly pear shaped, i have a small waist, flat stomach, but i have large thighs in comparison to the rest of my body and a fairly big bum. I exercise fairly regularly, about 5 times a week, depending on my time, and i try to eat as healthy as possible although I have a week spot for chocolate. I'm just wanting to lose about two kilograms, to get back to the weight i was a year ago, but how my lifestyle and 'diet' is now isn't doing that. My weight fluctuates easily and i would just like to have a stable weight of about 52kg (114lbs) instead of this chopping and changing. If anyone has any ideas that would be great. My exercise is usualy cardio (either running or hydra circuit classes) and i drink a lot of water. The only problems im noticing in my diet is the amount of carbs (breads and such), and chocolate. I tend to get snacky in the afternoons.

    • ANSWER:

    How often should someone work out a week/day to get toned abs? female petite apple shape.?
    most of my weight goes to my stomach making me look chunky, im 5ft1 size 10 UK top sizes.
    I have a small bum anyway of making it bigger with exercise too? how often do i have to work out a week/day for my bum.

    • ANSWER:

    How to tone up your bum and lose back fat?
    So recently I've been trying to gain a bigger bum since mine is flat at the moment.
    I'm not sure if it has anything to do with my ethnic but I'm half Brazilian and Asian, I've got a pretty big bust but no bum! it kills me.

    I'm 1.65cm tall and weight 55kgs.
    Is there good exercises which can help me gain a bigger bum? I mean BIG!
    And anything I could do to get rid of disgusting back fat? it's not bad at all but I feel exceedingly self conscience about the appearance of my back.

    I'd really appreciate all the answers :) xx

    • ANSWER:

    how can i get bigger thighs?
    how can i get bigger thighs? basically i have really small thighs and bum and 'love handles' im not fat or anything its just my natural shape but it looks really wierd are they any exercises or food that makes thighs and bums bigger i heard from a friend that carbohydrates like pasta goes to your thighs and sugar goes to your stomach is this true? thanks x
    im a vegetarian so the guy that said eat more meat would that work with all protien? x

    • ANSWER:

    exercises to tone bum, tum and thighs?
    Im not fat, but i want to tone up as i do have a few jiggly bits..
    im a 17 year old student and unemployed so i cant really afford the gym.
    Does anyone know any home exercises i could do in my room to tone my bum, tummy and thighs?
    Also ive heard you can do exercise to make your boobs bigger.. anyone know any? my boobs are small :L.

    Also i have strech marks on my bum and thighs.. idk why alot of teenagers have them. Does anyone know how i could get rid of these or even fade them? ive tried Bio-Oil and it didnt work very well.

    This would help ALOT! thankks :) x

    • ANSWER:

    jessica simpsons bum?
    i was watching newlyweds (a really old episode) and i noticed that jessica simpsons bum was really flat and small , it looks loads different to how it does in "the dukes of hazzard" where its huge , i heard she got a bigger bum for her role in "dukes of hazzard" by special exercises , is this true ? how can i get a smaller waist and bigger bum like that?????

    • ANSWER:
      I was watching behind the scenes of the dukes of hazard and she said she had todo alot of squats to make her "bum" look like that.

    how can i lose weight off my bum?
    i have got a really big bum and want to lose some weight off of it. what are the best exercises for it? and when will i see results? i would really like to lose it all in 5 weeks ready for the summer holidays. thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Crap, no one answered this well enough.

      You CAN'T burn weight or fat off specific parts of your body. Your body will only burn fat uniformly in all parts of your body through lot of exercise and healthy eating.

      At best exercises for a specific body part tone the muscle tissues in that area, but excess weight and fat is mostly due to fat tissues and if you want to lose it, you need to burn the fat off and that in turn will happen through cardio workouts only. You will also lose fat in other parts of your body, nothing like losing weight just on one body part.

      Sorry that I can't help you, really nobody can - if they claim they can, they either know nothing or want to take your money by selling you a pill of some sort.

    DO any women out there (and girls) want to build a bigger, rounder, frimer bum?
    Here is a good at home workout : but here si the main wokout for getting a beautiful behind:
    How to build sexy thighs and bum.

    To build the gluteus maximus you will need to stay in the mass building rep and set range. This would be the typical bodybuilding rep and set prescription of 10-12 reps for 3-4 sets each exercise. You can do a two day a week split with Glutes on monday and hamstrings on Friday with genral exercise like squat and lunges on either glute or hammy day. Squats will be a tremendous thoigh and bun toner and builder if you want to make your butt firm,round and sexy. I will now list some of the best exercises for building glutes, hamstring, (back of thigh) and the general thigh builder. First is Glutes . Sumo deadlifts are a very good frist choice for building glutes if you rreall focus on suing the glutes to initiate movement. Just do regular deadlift with a wide stance and use glutes to lift bar and squeeze glutes hard at top. Next is the One Legged dumbell deadlift. Grab tow dumbells, keep your weigth evenly distributed on your foot and back reasonably staright. COntract glutes hard and lift. Squeeze hard at top of lift. Next is the hip pull through, this exercise can be done on a cabe stack at a gym or with resistance bands from or . I will explain for the cable stack, use same instructions for resistance band version.Facing away from cable machine, stick your arms between your legs and grab tricep extension rope attached to low cable pulley. Keeping your amrs staright take a step forward to load your muscles. Now squeeze your glutes and drive hips forward while locking out your knees. If your knees stay bent the drill will not work. This will give you a frim round butt if you use 10-12 rpes and build it up nicely. next are the one amr dumbell siwngs and snatches, these are pretty simple and can be looked up all over net. Just remeber to use hips and glutes not arms to do the moevment, start light!!! Okay so next is the front of the thighs. One of the greatest thigh builders and all aroun dlower body developer,including glutes is the traditional barbell squat. Here is how to perform this crucial exercise. well frist is always keep back straight, not staright up and down but imagine pushuing your butt bak to sit down on a chair while your feet are flat on the floor, this is how your back should be straight. Besdies this always keep your eyes on an imaiginary spot you choose that is right in front of you at head height when standing. Also keep core tight and use hamstrings to "pull"your self inot the parralell position as opposed t just yileding under the weigt. Suqats will help build and strengthne entire lower body, as well as make your legs and butt tone and sexy. next is weighted leunges and there si so much info on this exercise (as well as squats ) I think you can find it yourself. Now for the hamstrings which is the back of thigh and will do a lot towards lifting your bum to new heights. I will have to start with the romanian deadlift. Look up technique on This and weigthed good mornings will build your hamstrings up ver nicely. Just be sure to warm up with some barbell only good mornings before attempting and keep very tight and be carefull! bruce Lee hurt his back doing these. After that you can try to work up to a bodyweight Glute-Ham-Raise. You can also find a pretty good bodyweigth glute routine on She has good exercise info , but it won't compare with the weigthed movements I described and she probably does at least one of these herself. if you wnat Vida Guerra or J-Lo butt than you wiol have to do the weigthed , movements. Also one legged squats can build the glutes to an extent if you make sure to push from heel. If you are trying to build up from a flat butt than eat a little more healthy foods to up calories and do the exercises like I sadi on a monday-friday split. Every foruth week reduce the weigth a little to sofetn up musvcles and don't do an inytense wokout, than after the easy wekk add more wiegth again and you willsee some good gains. Evry fourth month you may want to focus on strength as in 3-5 reps for 3-5 sets. By now your technique should be near perfect and you can handle heavier loads. I hope this helps with any troublesyou may have in the posterior department, follow my advice and gain a frim round sexy toosh in a couple of months time no problem. IF you are not gaining than eat more. Diet is about 70%. eat al natualr with no man made junk klike white flour or white sugar , or corn syrup and make sure you are eating a balanced diet with whole grains, legumes, leafy gressn, cruciferous veggies, fresh or dry fruits, and lean meats and dairy. Good luck building the perfect bum.
    Sorry about the spelling, you can copy and paste to wherever.

    • ANSWER:
      Uh..thanks? That wasn't exactly a question you asked there...

    30inch hips, exercises to create curves?
    I'm eighteen years old with measurements of 28DD-25-30, 5ft5 and 105pounds/7.5 stones so I'm quite petite, however I crave an hour glass figure and would love bigger hips. I'm healthy and really active and I do a lot of horse riding and running and I have quite a big bum, so I'm getting there :)

    Does anyone have any tips or exercises I can do that will pull in my waist line? Or just general tips on how I can create the illusion of curves? Or any other comments you want to throw in to help :)

    Thank youuu :) xx

    • ANSWER:

    help me with my body wieght?
    i gain wieght on my upper body (boobs, stomach, arms, face!!!, back and shoulders) but not on my lower body.

    how can i tone and make bigger my bum and legs and loose weight off my 1.)shoulders!!! 2.) stomach!!! 3.) arms!!! 4.) breasts!!!

    can anyone get me any links to what i do to sort out my "cone shaped" body. How do i get a great upper body, all toned and small? and make my bum bigger and curvier?

    what exercises should i do? what should i eat? etc... ~PLEASE HELP

    Details on pleaseeeee

    • ANSWER:
      You can't spot-reduce. Just like you aren't telling the fat to go to just those areas, you can't make the fat come off of just those areas. You need to adopt a good, healthy diet and a healthy cardio routine. And remember, healthy diet is not starving yourself, and healthy cardio is not the treadmill.

      To add size to your lower body, you'll need to work your lower body. The cardio will help you tone up your legs and glutes, but you'll need to be doing squats, lunges, reverse lunges, leg lifts, step-ups, and hill sprints to help build your lower body. Follow up these session with whey protein to help you build that muscle better.

    how can i slim&tone down my thighs&bum?
    Okay, so i'm 13 &I have this great hourglass figure. but the thing is I HATE my thighs; they're fat&massive&wobbly (eurgh) &i adore my big bum shape but I have cellulite &i hate that.
    - im too young to keep any strict diets or anything so can you guys just tell me what kind of exercises i should do & what foods i should eat more or less of.
    i cant go gym either so that just sucks D:
    &i know i sound too young to be caring about what i look like but I dont wanna be a fatty when I get older &i dont want to have ugly legs now, either. boys dont like that xD

    - so, any ideas? (:

    • ANSWER:
      i'm 18 and i am also the same. Everyone goes on about my 'lovely' figure, but i am so insecure about my thighs and bum its unreal. I've been on a diet for a month, lost 12 pounds and its only made a little bit of difference, so maybe cut some junk food out. but! excercise wise.... Squats and running. Or, walking at a high gradient on a treadmill. You are only thirteen so i wouldnt worry about the cellulite, it will probably disappear as you grow :)

    what exercise will help me lose my bum and tum?
    i have abit of tummy podge and i have noticed my thighs and bum have become bigger over the course of about a year. how can i lose the weight to be able to fit into my old trousers? its getting me down knowing that ive got bigger and would love to get back to my old size. please help

    • ANSWER:
      I think running is one of the fastest methods to lose that weight. Those are definitely some hard to target areas. But i really think that it's about having a healthy lifestyle. SO that means things like eating healthy meals regularly, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water. I think you should do activities you really like. For example if you love dancing taking a dance class that is high paced or requires some strength or endurance could also help you out...especially in the long run. It's about doing something fun that you really enjoy doing by yourself or with others. That way you'll keep doing it and it won't feel like work/exercise. Another tip is to have an activity buddy. Your friend, family, or spouse can help motivate and come along with you. It's easy to flak out on yourself but the forced commitment of having someone else depending n you might add some motivation.

    10 points, how to get a bigger butt?
    I want to know some exercises to get a bigger butt.

    Will running on a treadmill or doing the elliptical?

    I don't want a fat bum rather more lean muscle.

    I want a protruding and round one that is not too big or too round.

    • ANSWER:

    How can i get my bum smaller?
    I'm a guy who has a problem with the shape of my bum. I’m fit and healthy, with a v shaped upper body and trunk. I have a slim waist which makes my hips look relatively wide...and all this makes my bum look even bigger.
    My bum is definitely toned and the back of my thigh is toned a little but it looks like a women’s bum...very round and curvy, though a sexy women's.
    I just want a guys bum...that’s flatter, smaller, not too wide and in particular not too long ie. from the top of posterior thigh to the lower back.

    I’ve done squats etc to tone it but I need it a little bit reshapened, smaller and perky.
    So are there any exercises to get a more masculine bum?
    doug i don't have a boyfriend so if ur boyfriend is offering a free massage then...

    • ANSWER:
      You know honestly I don't think theres much you can do. I've heard from several professionals that you can't target areas of the body to lose weight in. You can build muscle but you can't target areas to lose weight. Who knows they may be wrong. My guess is if you want to get it in shape is to try one of those spring looking things you put between your legs and you push your legs together with it.

    how to get a nice bum?
    what kind of exercises and food help to get a big, firm bum ??

    • ANSWER:
      Your butt can't get much bigger than what it is, but to firm it do squats..Bending the knees and going as far down, back straight, repeat 10-20 times..
      Lunges are also pretty good for firming your butt, as well as walking and running.
      I do these, Seems to be working!

    How do i loose weight on my legs and bum but not my stomach?
    Ok so i have always obsessed about my weight so i dieted and dropped from a size 12 in tops to a size 8 and a size 14 in jeans to a size 10 but i really hate my legs, i want to get them to a size 8 like my body. But i started dieting again to do that and it is only going from my stomach and my hip bones are starting to stick out which i find gross.

    And if i eat more to put on some weight on my stomach it just goes straight to my legs and bum so i dont know what to do, i consume around 1500 calories a day and do regular exercise. Im 5"6' and you would think im happy with my weight but my legs do generally make me look fat. I have always had a big bum, hips and legs so i dont know what to do.

    Someone please help me!

    • ANSWER:
      You can't.

    How do I get a big butt?
    Haha, I'm already pretty endowed when it comes to my bum,but I'd like it bigger,y'know with a little more jiggle. Thing is I'm lazy (probably why I already have a big bum,lol) is there kinds of food you can eat or a 'low' impace exercise program I can do?

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to increase your butt mass (size). Poor diet while do it, but why would you? With that being said, you can tone AND increase your size slightly by doing squats, lunges, and various other lower leg exercises. This is more appealing than a big, but somewhat flat, droopy, and glutenous cellulite butt. Good lick

    Mini-trampolines, pros and cons please!?
    Hi everybody. I'm thinking of buying a mini-trampoline. I'm a pear shape and really want to tone my bum and thighs. I'm naturally very thin so I don't really want to do any hard exercise so i thought a trampoline would be good but i want to know how effective they are. All the pros and cons and any experiences i.e. did it tone you up? how long did it take? are they any good or should i just not bother?

    Also what exercise can i do for my bum to get toned as I don't want to make my bum bigger by doing the wrong exercises.

    Thanks xx

    • ANSWER:
      Trampolines make your bum bigger

    exercises for inner thighs, and bum?
    I'm pretty fit, and i'm 13. I'm 5'4 and weigh about 108. I'm mucular & toned mostly in my upper body. I guess i have a pretty big butt compared to most girls my age. anywho, i'd REALLY like to tone up my thighs and butt? please recommend any exercises, foods, and whatever else i should do, and if i stick with doing all of the exercises, how long it will take to get tone up my lower body? PLEASE HELP :)
    thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      you have to eat properly to help your body and you shouldn't skip meals u can also read these articles at
      these articles will help u to tone your thighs and your butt best wishes

    How many squats should I do every night to get a big, round bum soon-ish?
    I would love to have one in four months, but if that's not possible, any time before June is okay. I'm very flat a*sed and have always wanted a round bum, but today I was trying on grad dresses and my shape is awful in the one I want. I have a sticky-outy stomach which I am already working and succeeding on, so there should be no worries about that, but my bum is horribly flat and I need a round bum more than ever. I will be so much happier with my appearance that way haha. How many squats should I do every night (or another exercise)?

    • ANSWER:

    can you suggest anything please?
    How many minutes would you suggest on an exercise bike to get bigger legs?
    What other exercises can i do to get bigger hips and bum?
    How often should i do these exercises and for how long?
    What sort of foods should i try to eat more of?

    • ANSWER:

    How to slim down?-Unfit, but not fat
    I am not fat(I'm healthy weight), but i'm quite unfit. I got a big belly, thus causing bigger waist, big bum, big thigh and flabby arms. So i'm thinking how to slim down? I know to slim down one need to exercise and maybe diet, but the problem for me is that i dunnoe wat exercise to do and wat kind of diet. I am a 16years old girl anyway.

    • ANSWER:
      Try running, maybe a couple times a week. You should do atleast 30 minutes of some kind of exercise a day. You can also try, sit ups or even going to the nearest gym. Good luckk

    I haven't got a bum!. Any idea's on how to enhance bottom cheeks? "tone it up" (make it become bigger)?
    Is there any exercise equipment out there to help me??
    thank's for your answer's

    • ANSWER:
      how do you do number 2s then..i ave a builders bum my crack goes right up my back lol

    how do i lose fat off my bum?
    im an average sized girl, but my bum is too big! i dont know how to reduce the size, i dance every night and have a reasonable diet, so im generally quite toned. how do i get rid of the fat? will exercises such as squats and lunges just tone or do they actually make you lose fat? please help! its too big and i hate it. thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Lunges and squats are really good, if they're done properly. Make sure you are standing tall when doing them, when you do the lunges, stand up tall with your hands behind your head to help, this will target your glutes more.

      Keep your back as straight as possible when doing squats, here's a little routine you could do:

      Lower Body Combo:
      Body-weight lunges, 15 reps
      Body-weight squats, 15 reps
      Body-weight cross lunges, 15-20 reps
      Body-weight jump squats, 15-20 reps
      High-Knees, 15 seconds
      One Leg box/chair step ups 15-20 reps

      This is a continual circuit so you're not stopping between each exercise. Rest for 90 seconds, and repeat it once more.

      Do these 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or whenever suits you. You're aiming to increase by 2 reps every other day, and 1 extra set every week.

      So by the 4th week you should be doing 5 sets of these, and that is your perfect workout.

      You should be sucking for air through the entire workout, get in that oxygen debt, and make sure you have at least 2 liters of water throughout the entire workout.

      Make sure you have around 6 well balanced meals a day.

      If you need help on nutrition, don't hesitate to email and I'll be more than happy to help.

      Best of luck

    Help on my diet and exercise?
    Here's the thing. I just got into a really good netball team so I am starting to go on a health diet and working out every second day... I was just wondering what to eat and what not to eat? I also have bad acne and I hear if you eat well it is healthier for your skin, is that true? Also, I sorta have a big bum and thighs. How do I tone/tighten them ??? I found that when your on a diet there isn't much to eat for dinner, any ideas?

    • ANSWER:

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