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Bigger Hips

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There are so many different tops around that it can be difficult to know which is which and when to wear them. This guide will help you sort your tunics from your blouses and get a gorgeous polished look!

Different tops styles work best on different body shapes, and for a variety of occasions. This guide will help you select the right accessories to tailor every top to your own body shape.

Top T-shirts
T-shirts are a definite wardrobe staple, whether its for sport, relaxing or a cute and quirky style for casualwear we all have at least a few tees. Your basic t-shirt is more practical than stylish, although there are some more fashionable styles out there. Choose cute styles with embellishment or customised tees for a stylish twist.

Terrific Tunics
The tunic is a particularly versatile style that works for a whole range of body shapes; generally speaking a tunic will be a loose fitting top that falls to at least the hip. A tunic with waist belt is ideal for hourglass body shapes. If youre more of an apple then the general tunic shape can skim your stomach and make you appear slimmer around your middle. Tunics look fantastic with skinny jeans or leggings and longer styles can even be worn with tights for a more dress-like look. Plus size tunics are also a great choice for curvy girls.

Stylish Shirts
Despite the shapeless styles we had to wear at school, a shirt can give a fabulous shape, just choose a fitted style to make the most of your curves. Shirts come in a whole range of styles and colours, including relaxed, casual styles that look great with jeans. Collared shirts are perfect for balancing out bigger hips, choose a low buttoned shirt if you have a bigger bust to make you appear slimmer and draw the eye down. Shirts for ladies with a bigger chest can be hard to come by, so you could be best looking for a specialist retailer for curvy sizes.

Gypsy Tops
A gypsy top is a great way to get this seasons bohemian style; often in floaty fabrics this gorgeous style looks best with maxi skirts or jeans in summer. Just add a pair of on trend gladiator sandals for the perfect gypsy look.

Vest Tops
Vest tops or camis are an absolute summer staple, whether a simple jersey style or a more structured linen cami this style is a must in warmer months and looks fantastic with a whole range of summery styles. In colder months a vest can look fantastic layered with other tops for a warmer feel.

Longline Tops
If youre not too keen on your hips then a longline top could be just the thing to give you body confidence. Longer tops skim a lot of peoples problem areas to give a smoother silhouette, much like a dress. Theyre also great for wearing with waist belts as they have plenty of length and wont ride up. Choose a longline vest and shorts for a sweet and stylish summer look thats easy to chuck on at the beach.

So know you should be able to tell your different styles of tops apart, so enjoy building a wardrobe with a wide variety of styles and shapes to suit you, whilst being fabulously stylish!

Frequently Asked Questions

    bigger hips?
    i want to fill in my jeans better. They're a little loose around my hip. is there any way to make my hips bigger? i need curves!

    • ANSWER:
      there's no way to make your hips bigger lol but pockets without designs can make them look bigger..
      also buy "stretchy" jeans that fit your waist better instead of the "one size"
      hollister has some really good ones
      *hope this helps*

    Bigger hips?
    I had bigger hips but when I loose weight they went down resulting with stretch marks. Now I want them back, I was solid now am slim. What kinds of food should I eat or whats in the food that makes the hips bigger

    • ANSWER:
      The stretch marks, can be covered up with proper swim suite so why get the hips back.

      Hips gets bigger if you are sadentary.

      You worked out and lucky for you you were able to reduce your hips. If you just give up certain work out then in no time you get your hips back. But watch it, they may get exessively very large.

      Please read my article on the related subject.
      Body Building

      You are blessed.

      Most people put on weight after age 40.

      Any way before you try any thing, see a doctor to rule out any abnormalities (Hormone, Pituitary).

      Remember it is ten times easier to put on the weight then to take it off.

      Body building is opposite of weight loss. But you must understand weight loss in order to build body.

      I will include my article on weight loss also.

      Most people eat protein reach food and complex carbohydrates, with one thing in mind, that they have to exercise 6 days a week and they have to eat more than what they burn off each day.

      If you eat about 300 to 400 more calories per day then you burn off, you have a weight gain of slightly less than one pound per week.

      You need to eat about 4000 calories per day minimum.

      If that does not work than slow down your exercises routine.

      In extreme case you will not exercises for two weeks at all, followed by vigorous exercises routine for six weeks. Repeat this cycle again and again till you reach your goal.

      Tips for Gaining Weight

      You must count calories and at least in initial stages write down what you are going to eat and when then stay on that list. Your total calories for the week must exceed, (Calorie per BMI+ 500calori =Y) Y x 7 = Z calories this will give you a weight gain of approximately 1 pound per week. But you must write down what you eat and account for the calories so that you can adjust it slightly up ward if necessary.

      Please read my article on this subject and follow them.
      While at it build your body too, while gaining by doing body parts specific exercises.

      If you are not too old, then best way to gain your weight is to increase your height.

      Most people should take one a day water soluble multi-vitamins when on this program; they can be purchased at the pharmacy near you.

    How to get bigger hips or a smaller waist?
    I really want bigger hips. My hips are kinda curvy already but my waistline is catching up to them. Anyone know any good workouts to make your hips bigger or your waist smaller?

    • ANSWER:

    How can I gain bigger hips but keep a small waist?
    I have a stick figure body and I do not like it, how can I have bigger hips like those Latinas?? I'm asian so my hips aren't very big, but I want to keep my waist small. I heard that in order to do that I have to gain a little bit of weight, but if I gain weight, then my waist wouldn't be small anymore??? And I heard that shaking your hips would make your hips bigger is that true? How can I get bigger hips but keep my waist?

    • ANSWER:
      Bigger hips are genetic for the most part. It's in the bone structure unfortunately. If you gain a bit of weight, but maybe just muscle weight on your upper thighs, it could give the appearance of having bigger hips.

    What exercise can one do to get bigger hips and butts or anything one can do or eat or whatever pls?
    I know many people ask questions on this same topic but the answer has not been given. I really need bigger butts and hips so as to have confidence when I'm wearing pants. I dont want injections, surgery, just a healthy way to achieve it.Please I really do need your help, If you know how to help me, I pray, dont deny me. Thanks a lot.

    • ANSWER:

    Is it possible for an asian girl to achieve bigger hips?
    I want to be curvy, I have 36C boobs so its ok. My butt is kinda flat though but its because I don't do any toning exercises so thats ok I dont care about the butt. But I really want wider hips like the Latinas. I heard that having curvy thighs actually create the illusion of having hips. My thighs are curvy but my hips aren't wide at all. How do you get bigger hips?

    • ANSWER:
      You can't. As the great Deerslayer once said, each race has its own gifts.

    How to get bigger hips and butt?
    I'm 15 years old and a size 0! I have no curves at all...

    How do I get bigger hips and butt?

    • ANSWER:
      Easy. Just eat a lot and don't exercise.
      You won't look more attractive (less, actually), but you'll definitely have bigger hips and butt.

      Do you have any idea how many women would do anything, absolutely anything, to be as slender as you are?
      Just enjoy your model-like slender frame.

    How can i get a flatter stomach and bigger hips?
    I have a bit of big stomach and no hips and i basically look disgusting. What exercises and diets can i do that will help me get in shape? I need to get in shape within like a month? (to fit into this adorable dress!) Pleeeease help! Thankyou.

    • ANSWER:
      First of all I highly doubt you look disgusting. Secondly: you cannot change the overall shape of your body like your hips but you can watch what you eat to lose weight. For fast weight loss to fit into this dress try the atkins diet. To lose a lot of water weight fast go to the gym with several layers of clothing and burn a lot of it out.

      Also make sure you stay hydrated...drink a tall glass of water 30 minutes before a meal and you'll be less hungry when you eat, plus it helps break down foods to pass them through your system so your body doesn't clean to them.

      Most important thing though is to take care of yourself. Looking good is fine but feeling great is even better!

    Will my hips really get bigger after pregnancy?
    I already have big hips and a little worried. If this is true, how does this work exactly?

    • ANSWER:
      your pelvic bones spread to allow the baby to pass through.

      sometimes a woman's hips do stay wider other times no difference.

    how do you get bigger hips and curvyness?
    basically i am about 5'6/thin, long skinny arms and legs and no curves. ive tried muscle building but i am vegetarian so i only get my legs a little bigger and then they end up going back down to normal again. i just want to know how i can get bigger hips or make myself look more proportional. not straight up & down. do women who have hips just have more fat on the side of their legs, or is it muscle? if so, what can i do to get mine bigger? squats only seem to help my legs, i never feel anything in my butt or hips. same thing with lunges. what can i do to target the muscles?


    • ANSWER:
      Try the muscle gain weight products, they seem to help alot. Eat healthy though and dont over do it we dont want the curviness to be fat. The most effective way it to get a trainer that can help you work in specific areas

    How can I get bigger hips? Do guys find 33" hips a turnoff?
    I am being completely serious, I hate having 33 inch hips, it makes me feel unwomanish in a way. I do eat a lot but the fat goes to my belly instead, which has gone from 25 to 26 inches. I try exercising too, but my hips aren't getting any bigger. I am 17 btw.

    • ANSWER:
      Women should not be judged by their measurements.

      Growth in the muscles of your hips and thighs should be more or less the same as any other muscle group. Squats, hack squats, and leg presses should increase the size. You will need to start with low weights and do high reps (ca 30 or so) at the beginning and work up to doing heavy weights over time. Using resistance which you cannot do at least 6 reps with is more likely to cause injury.

      Using a stair climber should be helpful on many levels.

    What brand of jeans is best for a 12 Year Old girl with a tiny waist, bigger hips, butt and thighs?
    My 12 year old has a tiny waist, but is curvy with a large butt and larger hips and thights. Everything in her size is tight in teh legs/butt, but too big in the waist? I think she is too young to wear her jeans so tight. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      YEP UR RIGHT- but never, ever, ever, EVER shop at apple bottoms- they are waaay too sexy for a 12 year old girl and in the womens clothing, it's just weird- plus its soooooo expensive.. the girls' clothing is for like babies! forget the people who said apple bottoms- they dont' have sense.

    If you have bigger hips should you not wear a mermaid wedding dress?
    I Absolutely LOVE mermaid wedding dresses, but I am about 5"2.. and 120 Pounds, I have a normal figure but I have a little bit of bigger hips.. What dress would look the best for my body shape?? Thanks a bunch..

    • ANSWER:
      If you are naturally curvy then a mermaid style dress will accentuate that. If you love your curves, then go ahead! At 120 lbs it's not like you are heavy, so I'm sure you could pull it off - especially if your body is proportional and you have a larger bust. But if you want to hide your curves then try an A-line dress. You could also try a ballgown or cathedral type skirt, but that may be overwhelming for your height (you are the same height as me).

      Personally, I think if you love mermaid style skirts, then that's what you should try on. If you like the way you look in it, then go for it! It's your wedding and you should definitely wear something you feel great in on your wedding day!

    How do I get bigger hips ?
    I've always worn my pants a bit low and so now I have kinda like a crease on my hips. So now I started wearing my pants higher but I've noticed that the crease doesn't go away, how can I get my hips bigger and wider ?

    • ANSWER:
      i have the same problem from my chonies. hahaha but i have big hips. um i don't think there's anything you can really do.

    Where can i find dresses and skirts for a body with bigger hips?
    I've been having trouble finding stores that have skirts and dresses that fit my bigger hips. i have a smaller upper body except my hips. in pants i wear size 14 only bc of my hips. my shirt size is medium.


    • ANSWER:
      I have the same prob. I always buy separate pieces for a "suit" look. For dresses I'd say go for empire waist line cuz it flows free. An A-line cut is also flattering. Remember to always try everything on before you buy!

    How can a GUY get bigger hips?
    Okay, I'm a guy and I pretty much want opposite of what most guys want. I want to know how I would be able to get my hips bigger. I was wondering if there are exercises that I can do to make them bigger, or if there is a way I can make my waist smaller. I Don't want to do anything that will give me the "V" body shape. I don't like that body shape. If anyone can help me I would really, really appreciate it.

    • ANSWER:
      I suggest doing what actors do. Eat a lot of protein(Fish) and do cardio to burn off the fat. Your hips will increase to support the extra pounds.

      Think of it as if your a bear, you need to be big and heavy to support the large amount of meals you have to eat to hold you over for a period of time.

      Also, I suggest looking up information about your metabolism and calculate how much you have to eat to gain muscle.

      Good luck

    Where can I find jeans that fit bigger hips but small thighs?
    I've tried almost everything!
    But #1. If they fit my hips, the legs are baggy OR
    #2. If they fit my legs, I can't button them
    The only thing that works right now are Big Seven jeans (jeanmachine) but I'm looking for alternatives.

    • ANSWER:
      I couldn't find any jeans that fit right either, until I found custom made jeans. I get mine at Make Your Own Jeans. They're only .00 and you have total control over the style, fit, cut, rise, length, everything. I just love them. You even have choices of different cute pockets and other embellishments. They look great and they're so comfortable because they fit perfectly.

    Can your hips get bigger from riding horses?
    I read somewhere that you can get your hips bigger by riding horses:

    When you ride a horse, your thigh and hip muscles are constantly being used to grip the saddle and maintain balance. Over time, these muscles will bulk due to the excercise and add a few inches onto you hips.


    • ANSWER:
      No, but your legs can become bent (crooked) because you have to put them around ya' horse when riding it and when you legs get used to it, they will begin takin shape so that you can put em' round the horse.
      Same as when buyin' new shoes, they will hurt you, but eventually your feet will get used to em' because they will take the shape that will make em' fit the shoes!


    How do I get bigger hips? 10 points best answer?
    How do I get bigger hips or thighs? Can someone please help me. And don't just say eat a lot.

    • ANSWER:
      Well hips are bones and bones don't grow or shrink with exercising and diet... If you want bigger hips, or the illusion of bigger hips, try to shrink your waist. An hourglass shape comes from having a slim midsection. Don't go overboard with this. You don't want to try to trim a midsection that as trim as its gonna get. Just a thought...

    How to get bigger butt and bigger hips?
    My stomach is slim, and my butt is a little big, and u can barely see the shape of my hips. I would like to know how to get a butt like JENNIFER LOPEZ in Selena, BEYONCE stomach, and and hips like SHAKIRA. What exercises do i need to do and for how long? Also what foods should I eat?

    • ANSWER:
      Have A couple kids that did it to me.

    How to get thick thighs,big hips,and a bigger butt?
    Hello I really want to get big hips,thighs,and a butt.I think it's beautiful but I keep eating and the weight isn't coming on fast enough.I already have a butt,but when you look at me from the front it looks like i have nothing!!I just look really thin.any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Well you can get buttock implants for a bigger butt, try horseback riding. When you ride a horse, your thigh and hip muscles are constantly being used to grip the saddle and maintain balance. Over time, these muscles will bulk due to the excercise and add a few inches onto you hips.

      Practice leg lifts. Lie on your side with your head resting on one hand and your legs out straight (your body will be in a long straight line across the floor). Slowly, raise the leg that is on top of the other to about a 90 degree angle from your torso and hold. Bring the leg back down to the resting position slowly. Repeat 15 times on each leg every other day.

      Add some sweeter, fatter or saltier foods to your diet. One of the places your body will naturally add the extra fat to is your hips. Be careful not to overdo this or you will end up with extra padding on your stomach and thighs as well. Also be sure to maintain a low level of cardio excercise to keep this method in check--25 to 40 minutes 3 times a week should help.

      Dress in a way that gives the illusion of bigger hips. Certain brands of jeans, such as the VS Lift from Victoria's Secret, claim to give the wearer a more hour-glass figure by cinching the waist while lifting and shaping the hips and behind. Structured dresses will also help add to your shape by flairing out where there should be hips.

      5Consider plastic surgery. Implants, especially in the hip and behind area, are not popular surgeries. While this is the most extreme of the options, it may be right for you. Be careful to consider your motivations for the surgery. While it has been glamorized on TV and in Hollywood, surgery is still surgery, and it is a serious and very stressful experience for your body. Do it only after careful consideration.Squats are a great way to tone your hips, thighs, and butt because squats work all these muscles at the same time. Try standing with your feet hip-width apart and squat down half way while keeping your back straight. Remember to tighten your abs for support and to tone this area as well. Do 2-3 sets of squats and 8-12 repetitions to tone these targeted areas. You can also try this over a chair and let your butt lightly touch the seat of the chair before standing. This way, you know you've gone down far enough to tone your muscles. Do this exercise at least 4-5 times a week for super results.

      Try doing lunges to tone your hips, thighs, and butt. Lunges work many muscles at the same time and are excellent for toning targeted areas. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Step one leg forward, out in front of you, and squat into it a bit. Keep your back straight and your abs tight. Pull the leg back and follow the same exercise with the other leg. Front lunges work the hip and calf muscles. To work the thigh and butt muscles, try reverse lunges in which you take your leg backwards as far as you can and squat into it. Do the same with the next leg for ultimate hip, thigh, and butt toning. Doing side lunges work the same and simply go side to side instead of front or back. Try 2-3 sets of front, reverse, or side lunges and 8-10 repetitions.

      Step ups are a great way to tone your hips, thighs, and butt and they are easy to do. Simply alternate feet, stepping up onto a stair, set of books, cement block, or anything with height, and coming back down. Take turns doing this with each leg, one at a time, stepping up and pushing upward with your heel to stretch the muscles. Step ups work all the major muscles in your hips, thighs, and butt. Try doing 4 sets of 10-15 repetitions to really target these areas. You can also create higher steps (or take two at a time) and do less repetitions to work your muscles harder.

      Doing hip extension is a great way to tone the hip and butt muscles. Get down on all fours with your knees on the floor. Lift one leg at a time high in the air behind you and lower is slowly. Do this with the other leg. To increase toning power, add a weight behind your knee or an ankle weight which provides excellent resistance. Try doing 2-3 sets of hip extensions 8 repetitions each. Adding weight will increase the toughness of this exercise, so you may want to limit the number of repetitions to 6 if it gets hard.

      Purchase an exercise ball and weights to increase tension in toning your hips, thighs, and butt. Even if you can only exercise for 10-15 minutes, an exercise ball or weights can make quick and simple exercises work better. The exercise ball lifts your body and gives you different angles to work muscles harder. Weights provide great resistance. Toning your hips, thighs, and butt will be more beneficial if you have both these exercise items. You can purchase an exercise ball for around at Wal-Mart and weights for around the same price, depending on what your looking for. It's not to say, however, that these exercises won't work without an exercise ball or weights, they definitely will. But you'll get more resistance and a harder workout

    How can I get a bigger butt and hips?
    I have a small chest and waist, I kinda already have a butt, its not small but its not that big either. And I have big thighs but I want make my hips bigger and my butt. I've been looking all over the internet but people just keep repeating the same things. Like eat alot of carbs, the problem with that is I have a amazingly high metabolism and hardly gain weight,so that's not an option.

    I've tried squats but they just give the illusion, and i want the real thing.
    Any suggestions??

    • ANSWER:
      You can do lunges and step-ups. Also, eating certain foods will help you, too.

      I read a blog that gave good tips. I'll leave a link to the blog below.

      hope this helps...

    Is there any exercises that i can do to make my hips bigger or atleast wide.?
    Im pretty much a tooth pick with very little hips. I want bigger hips. Even tho im already pretty, i just want the body to match with it!

    • ANSWER:
      i know exactly what you mean. i wish i had the sort of curve from a small waist to larger hips. i think it's looks beautiful to have the hourglass shape. i don't know there's anything to do though. your hips won't be adult size until you're about 17. you might have to wait a bit.

      but if you're already 17, you might just have the genetics for small hips.

    Can you get bigger hips and smaller waist from belly dancing?
    Like Shakira..
    Shes been belly dancing all her life, can doing that actually give you bigger hips? and smaller waist?

    • ANSWER:
      Not bigger hips, but definitely a smaller waist.
      Bellydancing is an excellent way to lose weight.

      EDIT: Bellydancing IS exercise.

    How can I get wider hips and bigger butt?
    Ok. Im 16 I want to get bigger butt.
    I try Squat, lunges and more exercise that make my butt and hips bigger and wider. My butt is small but not flat.
    What should I do? If someone answer this question thank you so much! ;)

    • ANSWER:
      i dont see how burning calories and exercising will do this for yah. i suggest eating more. for girls fat stores on the butt and thighs before any place else.

    When my hips get bigger with puberty, will i get thinner?
    Just wondering because some of my friends have large chests and hips but small waists so i thought maybe you got thinner with puberty? i got my period about a year ago and im 14 so will i still probably get thinner and have bigger hips?

    • ANSWER:
      could be. everybody is different. you can,t base your perception of yourself on what happens to your friends.

    How can i make my butt and my hips bigger?
    Last year my butt and hips were a nice size. Now my butt and my hips have shrunk. My butt looks flat and looks like I have no hips. Is there any way I can make them bigger fast.

    • ANSWER:
      Ive heard that squats can help :)
      Not sure what else, unless you gain weight. But the weight may not go to your butt and hips.

    How can I get bigger hips?
    I have hips but I also have a bit love handles so it makes me lookbig from the topandkinda small from the bottom so that's why I want bigger hips. Can anybody help me?

    • ANSWER:
      You should concentrate more on your stomach so that gets smaller. The only way your hips will really get smaller is after giving birth

      You may be more of an apple shape meaning your top half will always be bigger than your bottom and there is nothing to change that

    How to make my Butt, Hips, and Thighs Bigger!!!?
    OK so I have no hips and and no but. I am actually chuppy!!! I hate my body. I want to know how to loose my stomach and have bigger hips thighs and butt!!! The only thing I have big are my BOOBS!!! And I want to have a nice shape but cannot, because I have no hips/thighs and butt!!! I also need to loose my stomich!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!

    • ANSWER:
      do muscle building excercises and ad alot more calories to your diet along with protien and a vitamin called L-lysine to your diet. lysine helps your body assimilate protiens so its great for building your glutes and since muscl is made of protien you'll need that to. in japan sumo wrestlers gain massive amounts of weight but are very strong because they gian the weight subcutaeniously which means under the skin not in the muscle . thats what give booties that shake everyone likes. start with the excersises first then add alot of calories. then work your butt real hard for like 12 weeks you should see a difference. if it works go 4-6 weeks off without the squats but continue the calories the new booty wil stay if you reduce your caloreis and your work out.

      i suggest going to gnc and buying weight gain shakes and then eating like normal this will allow precise control of your weight gain once your satified do toning excersises only. after this program consider havin fat from your tummy injected in to your butt . e-mail me if you have any more questions

    How to get wider hips, bigger butt, that kind of thing ?
    I have the genetics for it, almost every woman in my family is very curvy , except for myself of course. I don't know if it's just that I'm still growing, or I'm just not built that way, but is there any way i can widen my hips and get a bigger butt ?

    • ANSWER:
      i dont think theres a way to get a bigger butt and wider hips hun

      you will just have to wait, your body is still developing and maybe some morning when you wake up.. your hips will ache or hurt a lil and then you will know that they are getting bigger!

    What exercises can I do to get a smaller waist and bigger looking hips?
    What exercises can I do to get rid of "love handles" to get a smaller looking waist? What exercises can I do to get bigger looking hips?

    • ANSWER:
      Targetted weight loss is quite hard, some would say impossible, nevertheless I worked off a couple of inches from my waistline by following the guidance on the site in the box below. Give it a try, their help is very down to earth!

    Why do taller girls have bigger hips?
    I have always wondered why taller women have bigger hips and maybe bigger quads. I know i have big hips. I am 15 years old and i am 5'7. It kind of annoys me though when i see skinnier girls at my school with tiny hips.

    • ANSWER:
      Generally speaking, the taller you are the larger your body frame will be. However this is not always the case with hips because it's hereditary how much they will widen during puberty and not dictated by height.

      It might be the fact that your waist is small in comparison to your hips and so this makes them seem wider? Because taller women often have smaller waists in relation to their height and frame. This can definitely make your pelvis seem wider.

    how to get bigger hips without getting bigger thighs?
    i have "some" booty and really big thighs...all i need is bigger hips!

    • ANSWER:

    can your hips get bigger from riding horses?
    I read somewhere that you can get your hips bigger by riding horses:

    When you ride a horse, your thigh and hip muscles are constantly being used to grip the saddle and maintain balance. Over time, these muscles will bulk due to the excercise and add a few inches onto you hips.


    • ANSWER:
      It could be true. But if you suddenly gain/loose weight and loose all the muscles, then your hips will go back to the width the were before. So, unless your hips are naturally big, there is no permanent solutions, only temporary ones, like what you mentioned , for instance.

      Rosaliya. ☺♪

    How to get bigger hips and a smaller waist?
    How do I get my butt to be bigger, rounder and tighter?

    • ANSWER:

    what kind of shorts are most flattering for bigger hips?
    I am an average size girl, however my hips and thighs are a bit bigger than i would like. I've been trying to eat right and workout, so far things are going pretty well. but now that summer is here I would like to start wearing shorts and would like to know what would be most flattering. I have long legs and its only the upper thigh that Isn't as toned. I thought maybe the boyfriend shorts but I'm not sure. thanks.
    i dont have a cellulite problem or stretchmarks thanks

    • ANSWER:

    What exercises can I do to get bigger hips?
    I am pretty thin and I want to get curvier. What exercises can I do to get larger hips and butt? Is it possible to do this without making my thighs larger also?

    • ANSWER:
      *creepy laughter*

    At what age of being a teenager do your breast get bigger and hips?
    When do you hips start to get into shape and bigger as your growing older and when do your breast start to grow?

    • ANSWER:
      When you go into puberty.

    Can booty dancing make your butt and hips bigger?
    Can popping and hip rolling make your butt bigger? How fast if so?
    Oops and hipsz.

    • ANSWER:
      this is a proven method try it instead ( it got me three best answers so far)

      do muscle building excercises and ad alot more calories to your diet along with protien and a vitamin called L-lysine to your diet. lysine helps your body assimilate protiens so its great for building your glutes and since muscl is made of protien you'll need that to. in japan sumo wrestlers gain massive amounts of weight but are very strong because they gian the weight subcutaeniously which means under the skin not in the muscle . thats what give booties that shake everyone likes. start with the excersises first then add alot of calories. then work your butt real hard for like 12 weeks you should see a difference. if it works go 4-6 weeks off without the squats but continue the calories the new booty wil stay if you reduce your caloreis and your work out.

      i suggest going to gnc and buying weight gain shakes and then eating like normal this will allow precise control of your weight gain once your satified do toning excersises only. after this program consider havin fat from your tummy injected in to your butt . e-mail me if you have any more questions.

    I find it hard to get jeans to fit, i have slim thighs but bigger hips and bum?
    I find it hard to get jeans to fit, i have slim thighs but bigger hips and bum?
    if i buy a size 8 it fights my legs but too tight for my waist hips and bum

    size 10 fits me perfectly around my waist hips and bum but then its too big for my legs.

    where can i find good jeans?

    • ANSWER:

    how to get a bigger butt and a bigger hips?
    Hi Guys I just want to ask is if there's possibility to get a bigger butt and a bigger measurement are breast=36 my waist is 27 then my butt is 36..even its flat, its so weird,Im so depress in my body. I want to have a perfect hourglass body. what exercises you could advice to me guys.?pls help.

    • ANSWER:
      Maryam is right. Also, her (his?) response doesn't relate to you. Don't buy whatever product she (he?) is peddling. Probably not safe.

      Targeted weight loss is impossible. Targeted weight gain, through weightlifting, is certainly possible. This puts on muscle, not fat. For your butt, the best exercise is probably squats. Leg presses and hamstring curls work well also. For your hips, squats work reasonably well for them also, but hip rotations (on a machine) probably work best for that.

    How to make my hips bigger and wider?
    i have no hips :( i want to be a bit curvier, not fat.
    my lower body looks rectangular, not how most woman's should look like
    is there any way i can make my hips grow bigger??

    • ANSWER:
      If by wider and bigger hips you mean adding 'junk in the trunk' or size and shape to your butt, then check out exercise magazines for routines that tone and shape the glutes. Once you find a routine that you like, often using free weights for squats or machines, then add weight and reduce the reps.

      Your aim is to build muscle, which happens when you increase weight and drop the reps. Alternatively - if you are a member at a gym, talk to the trainers at your facility - even if they charge for a consultation, you'll save time and frustration by getting professional advice.

    How can I get a smaller waist and bigger hips?
    At the moment I have a 24.5'' waist and 33'' hips.

    I want a 22'' waist and 34'' hips.

    How can I do this?

    I heard using a sports hula hoop works, does it?

    • ANSWER:
      Holy balls your waist is so tiny already! And you can't make your hips bigger without adding fat, which would translate to your waist as well. The only way to make your hips bigger would be to get implants or have a baby. Either way I don't recommend it. People would kill for the body you have, be proud of it :)

    How can I build bigger hips on my frame?
    WITHOUT building fat from junk.
    I'm 34-27-36.
    I would like a size 38-40 hips/butt combined.
    Any workout regimens to acheive this? Diet?
    If you know, how do you make your breasts larger as well?
    WITHOUT implants.

    • ANSWER:
      I believe that, since you want to have both bigger breast and bigger hips, you can create this illusion by having a smaller waist. Spot reducing is hard as hell, some excersices can help you do it but some bodies just don't shape some if you have a shot at liposculpture, go for it.

      I've been trying to build my hips and butt for years, with little sucess. Doing weights has helped some, but it's too little to be noticeable. I bet gaining weight is out of the try to do excercises that focus on trimming the waist, while doing weights to try to enhance the top and bottom.

    How can i get a curvier body and have bigger hips without getting it done?
    i want to know is there an exercise/work out i can do to make me have a curvier body and have wider hips?

    • ANSWER:
      that depends...are you a small girl or a big girl? Answer this in your additional comments and I'll respond back

    I am pretty skinny but have kinda bigger hips. Do guys like that or not?
    Please help. For guys only. Please answer seriously. I am pretty skinny, but when I wear a tight dress, I notice my hips are quite bigger that my waist. I am 14 with a size (23" I think it is) size waist. Do guys like girls with big hips and curves or not? PS: this is in men's health because it is a question for guys
    Actually, I just checked my waist size and it's about 26 inches around. Sorry.

    • ANSWER:
      The bigger the hips the better the dip.

    how many inches should your hips be bigger from your waist?
    my waist it 36in. and my hips are 43in. and around my butt is 46in., both upper thigh/lower hips are 47inches..........
    i feel like i need bigger hips and i bigger butt
    my chest is only 41inches :(
    im 18
    my bra size is only about 30-26B
    but i have a big rib cage so thats why
    NOTE: my bad im 16 not 18 :)

    • ANSWER:
      It should be 34" 24" 34"
      So your hips should be as big as your "bra" size is around the ribs which the perfect size is 34" so your hips should be 34" too and than your waiste should br 24"

    how to loose muffin top and not loose hips if anything make my butt and hips bigger?
    i want to loose weight how do i loose weight but not loose my hips but make them bigger at the same time loose stomach fat?

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but contrary to what we all see in ads, it is not possible to spot reduce. You cannot pick a part of your body and just lose weight from there. All you can do is exercise (cardio and strength training) and eat right and your body will shed fat from the places it has excess fat. If that's your stomach then great, but you don't get to control what body parts your body slims down first.

      A lot of women try to lose weight around their stomachs and are aghast when what they lose first is a cup size.

      If you want to emphasize certain parts of your body, the right clothes (fit well and are a flattering cut for you) will help with that.

    Is there anything i can do to make hips bigger?
    is there anyway i can make my hips bigger?
    i want to have big curves but i think thats impossible 2 happen. is it?

    • ANSWER:
      have a baby?


      That's what I did...but that's a pretty expensive route

    how long does it take to get bigger hips& boobs?
    im skinny weighing 99 pounds at 16 years old. i would really like to get bigger hips& bigger boobs. im starting to eat ALOT..but i just started last week. how long will it take to reach my goal of bigger hips, butt& boobs?

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on your metabolism. Be happy with the way God made you. Trust me when you have a kid or hit 40 you will not want those hips, boobs, and ass. Your body isn't even done developing yet.

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