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Aging leads to several health problems. One of them is arthritis. In simple words, it can be described as painful condition of the joints. There are several exercises and other ways that doctors suggest to help the patients get rid of immense pain that they regularly experience When all these measures fail to give them relief, the last option that is left is total hip replacement surgery. As far as the sports after total joints surgery is concerned, the therapists hardly allow people to carry out such activities if they desire to recover fast.

Total hip replacement surgery involves two types of approaches, namely posterior approach and anterior approach. The surgeon, in the former case, starts the surgery from the front side, whereas, the latter is the back-side approach. The overall surgical approach aims at replacing the hip joint by an artificial hip, known as the prosthetic joint. It takes considerable time to revive from the painful phase even after the surgery. Thus, the sports after total joints replacement are strictly prohibited so that the inmates can recover as soon as possible. In fact, certain dos and don'ts are there for the inmates to follow to make sure fast recovery.

As the prosthetic joint is new to your body environment, it takes a considerable amount of time to get adjusted to the environment where they get placed after the total hip replacement surgery. The original joints are natural and hence, they do not need any extra time for adjustment. But the artificial one needs a significant amount of time to be in sync with the body activities. In order to make the whole adjustment process after total hip replacement surgery easier for the new prosthetic joints, the patients must follow the scheduled exercises regularly, prescribed by the therapists and take the medications as per the prescription of the surgeons handling their cases.

To make the whole body environment suitable for the prosthetic joint, the total hip replacement therapists schedule some of the exercises and activities that the patients are required to follow at the recovery stage. Doing these activities and following the prescribed exercises serve to be really very beneficial for the inmates as they not only make the process of adjustment easier but also help them get relief from the pain that they suffer from.Sports after total joints replacement can be done after a certain period following the surgery in order to ensure flexibility of the joints and other parts of the body to check their compatibility.

The patients are, however, essentially required to follow the exercises as prescribed by the therapists or surgeons. These schedules must be followed during both pre and post total hip replacement surgical phases because it has been found that even after the surgery, the inmates are not completely free from the pain. These are certain points that you must remember and follow if you desire fast recovery from this painful phase.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Does breast enlargement pills and creams make our buttocks bigger or make our hips wider?
    I find many breast enlargement pills and creams contain estrogen or phytoestrogen. Do these products enlarge our hips or buttocks as well? And do they also make our waist smaller?

    • ANSWER:

      Most products like pills, creams, herbs etc. use fat retention to work. As the body retains fat, the breasts get larger. The problem with this is that the rest of the body increases as well as you may have noticed. It is different on every woman. Some women it can be the buttocks, some the thighs, some the hips and some even the breasts. Unfortunately, you cannot dictate where your body will store the fat. However, if you exercise or try to stay fit, you will burn fat, making your breast size decrease which is why most products do not work.

      A new process called Grow Yours was developed using a similar process that women go through during pregnancy, when the lobes increase in size making the breast bigger but without the need to get pregnant. This natural process uses No Pills, No Creams, No Herbs, No Hormones, No Gadgets and No Surgery but allows women to increase 2 inches or more in just 30 days. Because it is natural and uses your own body's DNA, it is the most natural way to go and is guaranteed to work. The Grow Yours process is not affected by exercises so you can stay fit and still have larger breasts. Starting January, 2010, every week they will be giving away one free Breast Enhancement. Just enter at

    i'm 24 yrs old,lady. i have a very thin body . i crave bigger hips n butt?will pills do?help!?
    my size:
    height:1.58 metres
    i do not want 2 increase anywhere else.
    im considering pills,r the results permanent?
    someone said i should take birth control pills,wonder if they r o.k.
    i weigh only 45kgs

    • ANSWER:
      you need a stair climber.

    is it dangerous for a male(gay) to take estrogen pills to make his breast and hips bigger,and also to look fem?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, and it's irreversible.

    what kind of hormone pills can a female take to get bigger breast,butt,hips,longer hair and nails &clear skin?

    • ANSWER:
      That's the miracle pill - not yet invented

    What are excersizes for a bigger butt and hips?
    What is a natural way I can achieve a bigger butt and wider hips? I have fairly small hips and a somewhat flat butt and I would like to change that. :) Please don't tell me to eat because when I fatten, it doesn't go to my butt or my thighs, it goes straight to my belly. Also, I'm not looking for surgery, pills, or anything of the sort. Thanks bunchess!! :D

    • ANSWER:
      Its about time to see a girl in here who knows what guys like on a girl.
      Other girls, read this. You could put as much muscle on your legs and butt as you want and guys will always think it looks good, and you will be stronger as well.

      You have to do squats, allie is right. HOWEVER, don't do them everyday. You need time for the muscles to recover. Find the powercage in the gym. Get one of the barbells. You could start out without loading up the weight and gradually add it on. Put the weight on your shoulders, step back, spread your legs out slightly more than shoulder length apart or shoulder length apart. Point your feet out slightly. The closer your legs, the more you work your quads (front of legs) widers stance works your butt more. go down low, and come back up. Try to load it up with enough weight that you can only do 8-12. Do about 3 sets, and come back and do it again in a week.

      One other thing not to forget is within two hours of doing that exercise, you want to make sure you eat or drink something high in protein, like meat, fish, nuts, protein shake/bar, etc. The protein is the stuff that actually creates the size, without it nothing happens.
      Another things that girls haven't figured out yet is when you do this exercise, you will ramp up you metabolism and you can eat more food without getting fat.

    Will Yaz make your hips bigger?
    I started taking yaz about a year ago and I'm a petite girl about 5'4 and a 113 pounds but since going on the pill my hips seem to have really expanded they just seem to have gotten much bigger. Any possibility its the pill that did it?

    • ANSWER:

    How can i get bigger hips and thighs?
    this might sound stupid but im a 17 year old girl and naturally thin, my legs are soooo skinny and i have no hips i hate it so much

    i eat loads but the weight just goes to my middle

    will exersises actually work?
    or can the pill make them wider?

    also, transexuals take hormones to give them hips so cant i do this?

    thank you xxxxxxx

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe some radical McDonald's can help (not recommended), i gained a lot of hip and thigh but i also lost a lot of energy and became blubbery and tired after a whole semester eating there...the haunting image... you maybe should talk to a nutritionist or go to a gym and ask someone there because they do have exercises to shape those parts, because eating well and exercises and stuff can help you shape muscle.

    How can i get bigger butt hips and boobs?
    i am a 10 year old and i am going to camp i want to wear my new bikini but i look like a brick my hips are line my butt and boobs are very flat. I really Don't want to add herbs to even if its a certain type of milk i will take that (i am allergic to soy) also i don't want to have to take pills are there any exercises that can help or something that can help. i don't want 2 c your just developing i need answers

    • ANSWER:

      For butt- squats and lunges. There are different kinds, just look them up and do a bunch every day, walking kind, stationary, etc. Also that bridge thing where you lie on your back with knees bent and lift your butt up? shown here-

      For boobs- there is not a whole lot you can do really. They are made almost entirely of fat so exercises don’t really make them bigger. I guess you could try some stuff for pectorals/chest. Maybe strengthening the muscles would make a difference by lifting them a bit?

      For hips- kind of the same problem as with boobs. The shape of your hips is a combination of bone structure and fat distribution not muscle at all really. The muscles don’t stick out so you can’t enlarge with exercise like on your butt. I guess try stretches or pilates to tighten your stomach/waist area and see if that makes your hips look bigger?

    how can I make my boobs bigger and hips and get normal curves?
    I'm like a b-c cup. and I don't like them.
    I don't want any pills or hard excersises that you have to do everyday
    and certain amount of time.

    • ANSWER:
      There is nothing you can do eat or drink to get a bigger chest.
      If that was the case ...... no one would get implants.
      Hips and curves come with age.

    How do you get your hips back without surgery or any pills?
    i'm in middle school and my mom and i noticed that i started eating more and that i became bigger. the last time i weighed myself i think it was march and i weighed 97 pounds. i know i don't weigh a lot for my age, but it looks like i have no more hips. i can't wear my tight shirts anymore either because my sides stick out. can somebody please give me advice but without surgery or pills?! thanks!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      The usual, diet and exercise.
      eat frequent small meals this will boost your metabolism like crazy

    how can i get bigger hips and thighs?
    how can i get bigger thighs and bigger hips without doing squats or lunges do i need to eat alot more over the summer [im too young to take pills or buy weight gaining shakes]

    • ANSWER:
      You can't really gain weight in one area. You can build up the muscle there by doing those kinds of exercises, though. And if you eat a lot over the summer, that should work... but remember that you will gain weight ALL over as well.

    do the hip enhancement pills and gels really work?
    i have seen an ad that says there are pills and gel thatcould help you have bigger hips and a better shape. is this true ?

    • ANSWER:
      take it from someone that has large hips. you do not want them. once you get lots of fat in the hip area it is hard to get rid of it. I don't think that pills will help to increase the size of your hips. I think it mostly depends on genetics.

    Taking Pills for hips,butt,curves...? I want to try these pills called **dime curves** has anyone tried them o?
    I want to try these pills called **dime curves**
    has anyone tried them or any kind of pills similar
    -do they work
    -if not you know anything I could do to get bigger butt.or wider hips
    I african american i have curves but my hips are not wide at all and my *** is kinda flat.
    -heres the website

    • ANSWER:
      A lot of men don't like big butts and wide hips. Leave well enough alone. Of course, I'm white, but a lot of black men go for white chicks who lack the big lower regions. Oh, I don't know. I say leave it alone. Besides, there are no magic pills, anywhere.

    How can I lose my big hips?
    I hate my hips! I want to get rid of them. I eat right and everything but I'm a size 5 for jeans and I'm 14. I want to be a size 2. How can I lose my hips without taking pills and all that junk. What excercizes do u recomend?

    • ANSWER:
      Hip size (the bones) is genetic and can't be changed. Also, women tend to carry more weight in their lower body. For example, I have 20% body fat in my upper body, but 26% in my lower body. :-p

      You can't spot reduce, only lose weight all over and the fat will come off where it wants.

    Im really skinny & I have been skinny since I was born. Everyone always tells me to do squats but all that does is make your butt more tight & I lose weight too quickly. Is there any easy way I can gain that weight? Food, drinks, pills etc.

    • ANSWER:
      eat lots of carbs, pasta, fatty foods!

      could you answer mine?;_ylt=AjZIeKA77b69cl62eoU.ilzty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110527143450AAI7vKg

    i want a bigger hips and butt?
    what pill can i take to widen my hips and enlarge my butt

    • ANSWER:
      Eat more Debbie Cakes.

    is there a birth control pill that makes your boobs bigger, but does not make you gain weight any ware else?
    I am a very curvy girl, my waist is 10 inches smaller than my hips, but my breasts do not mach how big my hips are and I feel uneven. im not fat but im not thin, just average. i know birth control pills make your breasts bigger, but they also make you gain weight every ware else. Does anyone know of a pill that makes your boobs grow but does not make you gain weight?

    • ANSWER:
      When you find out PLEASE let me know.

    Know any exersizes that make your boobs bigger and bum smaller?
    I'd like to make my breasts just a bit bigger without pills or surgery. Any Ideas? I'd also like to tone my bum a bit, though I think I am probably naturally quite wide-hipped.

    • ANSWER:
      You cant make your boobs bigger with exercise they are made of fatty tissue, collagen and elastin no matter how much exercise you do it won't make them bigger. You can tone your bum up by doing anything that focuses on that area like squats.

    Birth control pills for acne?
    I want to go on this pill. My breakouts are due to hormones.

    I'm currently taking doxycycline hyclate. Would I need to stop taking that when I start taking birth control pills or can I use both?

    My mom is debating whether to let me take them or not because she's worried it'll make my hips bigger, and have bad side effects on my body.

    I was wondering if birth control make your hips bigger, breast bigger, makes you gain weight, shortens your period, gives you headaches, and depression like what people say?

    • ANSWER:

    Does bbbformula butt enhancement pills work?? ?
    I'm looking for something to give me some shape, I want some hips and my butt to look a little bigger. Are pills better than lipo? Anyone with any experience to share?

    • ANSWER:

      There is no plausible mechanism by which oral tablets could have a localized effect of such a specific nature.

    how do i loose belly fat>>> thighs hips...without pills?
    help please! i have perfect curves but i just need to loose a little wait so it'll look better...i dont make sense* um im not that big, but i still want to be smaller...thnx! luv,the cheshire cat

    • ANSWER:
      My trainer at the gym says to do alot of Cardio, so go walking or ride a bicycle. If at all possible go swimming.

    I need a harmless diet that works within 10 days, no pills?
    I am 102lbs and 5'2, the doctors tell me that I am under weight for my age, but not by a lot. But I have hips that are bigger than a lot of people that are my age, and i workout often. What I need is a diet that thins my body in about 10 days or so. And I need answers about a diet and not about people telling me i don't need a diet.

    • ANSWER:
      There is no way to lose weight in specific places on your body. And if you're already UNDERweigth you should not be considering a diet to LOSE weight.

    im not fat just wide, i have really big hips or "love handles" its summer and i really wanna lose them quickly
    i cant take pills bcause my mum wont allow it.
    what are core exerzizes? i know im really dumb.

    • ANSWER:
      dont go for pills. the only way to get in shape is excerszie! i know it sucks when you dont want to , and may feel liek youre seeing no results but it really works. Core excersizes and side core works SO well. Look it up online and im sure ull find some excersizes. Make sure you are eating healthy and drinking LOTS of water. Water can keep the cellulite off believe it or not. Good luck!

    Can someone please tell me how I can loss weight and keep it off without taking diet pills or Lap ban.?
    I am 27 and done having kids. Now I would like to know a real way to get this weight off me. I have nerver been skinny always think now I am extra think. I have big hips and a**. I have walked and ran ate small meals, but nothing happened to my hips or a**.

    • ANSWER:
      The real keys for burning fat and staying healthy and thin are the following:

      **NEVER starve yourself, do not do fasting, and do not forget breakfast (eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking-up)
      **Eat more and more often.. about 5-6 meals per day, about every 2-4 hours, healthy and rasonable size meals, intead of huge and messy meals... This will help you increase your metabolism, which in turn will help you burn more fat in less time...
      **Cardio burns fat and any other exercise will only help you get stronger...

      Now.. here is a quick list of ultimate foods you should be sticking to... If you eat from this food only, you can be 100% sure you will burn fat, even if you don't exercise...

      1) Almonds and Other Nuts
      2) Beans and Other Legumes
      3) Spinach and Other Green Vegetables
      4) Dairy Products (the non-fat ones ONLY!!)
      5) Instant Oatmeal (without sugar and flavor!!)
      6) Eggs (in moderation unless you exercise a lot!)
      7) Turkey and Other Lean Meats (only lean meats... forget the pork and duck)
      8) Peanut Butter (sugar free)
      9) Olive Oil (moderation)
      10) Whole-Grain Breads and Cereals (moderation, limit to 2 serving per day... MUST be WHOLE-WHEAT)
      11) Extra-Protein (Whey) Powder
      12) Raspberries and Other Berries

      **Have green vegetables in every meal!
      **Have proteing in every meal, which will help you burn fat but not lose muscle...
      **More muscle means higher metabolism... then try some strengh routines about 3 days per week resting one day in between workouts...

      Here is the ultimate cardio routine, that will help you burn 3 times as much fat as regular running:

      Easy Jog for two minutes... then do some stretching (THIS IS HIGHLY IMPORTANT!).. and after stretching do the following:

      You run at your 50% effort for 1 minute, then rest by easy jogging for 1 minute... now run at your 75% for 1 minute and then rest 1 minute... finally run at your 100% effort for 30 seconds and then rest for 90 seconds.... and repeat the last one 3-6 times...

      All the workout will take you about 12-18 minutes

      Do this workout 3 days the first week with a day of rest between workouts.. and then 6 times per week thereafter resting one day...

      You can do this cardio workout with any other cardio exercise such as cycling, swimming, stairs, etc...

      Remember to stay active even on your resting days, by avoiding TV, the couch, elevator... and intead walking, going up the stairs, and etc...

      Hope that helps!


    How do I get wider hips?
    Im a fairly small person (5'5 weighing 135)...i have a slim waist, average breast, track running thighs, and a bootylicious booty (DONK0) but the only problem is i lack side profile is flawless but when im stright on it seems as if i kinda disappear...PLEASE HELP ME figure out what i can so to get BIGGER HIPS...b/c so far birth control pills and sex hasn't done anything for me...(Ps: not trying to have kids any time soon so pregnancy is out)!!! ASAP

    • ANSWER:
      Pack on the pounds.

      "Why would someone sell their body JUST so they can get hips?"
      ~Babee Mei

    can i take birth control pills even if i don't do sex???
    my gay friend told me that he's taking a certain birth control pill and it made his hips bigger. and it is also proven to treat acne. i never had sex and i was just wondering if i can still use them???
    i want to treat my pimples and have hips! lol

    • ANSWER:
      Yep you can. They prescribe them for acne, PCOS, irregular periods, bad cramps, etc.....not just for the prevention of pregnancy.

    If beyonce took female hormone pills will she become more feminime?
    for example if beyonce took female hormone pills will her hair grow longer, her hips get curvier and her boobs grow bigger? just wondering

    • ANSWER:

    My stomache is well big and so are my thighes and hips and i don't like it. no pills just naturally?

    • ANSWER:
      I believe the condition your experiencing is called being fat, I'd use a .45 to the head.

    do birth control pills change your body?
    Like do they make you thicker. As in hips spreading or bigger boobs?

    • ANSWER:
      they can cause your breasts to grow a bit. mine didn't at all though. some can cause weight gain, but if it does just switch to a different pill. i actually lost weight when i started on yaz.

      also some can cause water retention,which will make you bloated, so try not to eat too much salt. but i haven't really had any body change except weight loss which stopped after the first month.

    Until how old does the hips grow wider and bust grow bigger for women?
    I'm 16 and started my period when I was about 13 I think. I'm pretty athletic and exercise regularly and win cross country competitions and swimming galas in school. But I'm not an intense exercise maniac. But I've got wide shoulders, and my hips are narrow. My bust is okay for the rest of my body i guess (32B/34A) and I'm on the verge of the "healthy" BMI (nearly underweight).

    So I was wondering maybe my androgen levels (man hormones) are a bit higher so I have a boyish figure with small hips. So to get wider hips I was thinking of taking estrogen pills (like phyto-estrogen supplements)

    Will that work?
    And is there hope that I might still grow like for the rest of my teen years or would I stay the same? Because my height is kind of stable now, and I thought once the height stops growing, your bone structure stays the same? So hips stay the same unless you put fat over it? I can't gain weight because I just can't! I eat alot but my metabolism is kinda high...Dammit I wish I could change that -.-

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think taking estrogen for such a problem is healthy, especially since you're young and it increases the risk of breast cancer. There might be a boost, but for the most part your hips/bust since is dependent on genetics. You should talk to your doctor before taking any herbal supplements like phyto-estrogen because the risks are the same as the pills.

      As for growing, you're only 16; it's possible that you are not done growing, as women can continue developing into the early twenties. I started my period earlier than you at 12 and I only recently stopped developing. A-cup at 13, B at 14-15, C at 16, D at nearly 21, 32DD/E at 21 1/2 Also at 21 my shoes went up half a size and my hip widened enough that I had to increase my jeans size to get them over my bones (and I lost a few lbs during this so it's not from weight gain).. I was a late bloomer so it's not as common to be growing at 21, but I knew many girls that still continued "filling out" through age 18-19 even if they didn't get any taller.

      Trying looking at the women in you're family and see if they have wide, slim or average hips. Though not concrete, it should give you an idea of the chance of having wider hips in the future.

      P.S. Feel fortunate you have a high metabolism; I used to have to eat tons to maintain my weight like you, but it was a lot funner that constantly dieting like some people do to stay thin. It'll eventually slow some, mine did a few years ago or you can always eat weight gain bars and food.

    Help with estrogen pills?
    im 20 years old and unhappy with my body, i have no hips and a size 34a, my friend told me that her cousin had took estrogen pills and her bra size went up two sizes. Would they work in getting bigger hips as well? Where could i buy them at?

    • ANSWER:
      Ask your doctor. But those won't work for everyone!

    What is the quickest healthiest way to lose weight without pills?
    I'm 4'11 and weigh 120. My stomach is my BIGGEST problem. It's not huge, but it's not flat either. Also my thighs and hips :P

    I want to fix these problems quickly and healthy before prom. Any suggestions? ASIDE PILLS!

    • ANSWER:
      No pills are required to loose weight and CALORIES don’t count.
      The right kind of good fat in your diet such as real butter, whole eggs, coconut oil, olive oil, raw nuts and avocadoes actually increases the metabolic process in your body and helps to burn fat - the bad fats you should try and avoid that will only cause and GUARANTEE your body to store extra fat as unwanted weight gain are would you believe i.e. Canola Oils, Margarine, Substitute Butters and Hydrogenated Oils. When oil is hydrogenated, the chemical compound of the oil is changed, which scientists soon began to realize in a wide number of scientific studies.

      Please try the links below for more information and I hope this helps you.


      or go directly to;
      Fat burning Furnace Video and click on the “CLICK HERE”

    lose weight off your hips?
    hey guys and gals.
    best way to lose big hips made of FAT?
    i dont care what it is, just no pills or acai berry or wwhatever.
    cause i have big hips and i want to look good for adventure park.
    going with my year level and i want to look at least half decent:P lol
    o yeah and how long untill my hips actually start to lose weight?
    thanks for your time xo

    • ANSWER:
      Honestly, there are no get-thin-fast schemes in the real world of weight loss. You have to work for it: Run for half an hour everyday, eat a balanced diet of 1600 calories a day (give or take depending on your weight - there are online calculators for this), drinks LOTS of water, and try Pilates and yoga. It might take a few months to achieve smaller hips, but the weight loss will last longer (maybe forever, depending on your ambitious drive).

    Does birth control pills make you fat and does the birth control shot gives you a bigger butt?
    first of all i would like to start by saying i am not racist, i realize is white and black girls have different opinions on what fat is,i just had a baby boy 3 weeks ago, via c- section, and to describe my body type i am 5'3, my hips are not wide and i have a nice butt not too big, and my belly is sort of small, i weighed 151 before i was pregnant, i weighed 174 while i was pregnant, now um at 142 three weeks after pregnancy. now i was wondering if i get the shots will i have wider hips and a fatter azz with my normal slender waist line meaning, will my bottom half be wider than my top half some white girls would see that as fat but some black girls see that as sexy and fine. but i was wondering what birth control method would be best if i was looking to wider my bottom half and do i get the shots in my butt to make it bigger?

    • ANSWER:

    How to have a big hips and butt?
    I am 22 years old, my weight is 58 kg for now...because Im in diet...before I was 68 kg.
    my measurement are 36, 27, 36....for me I don't have enough of hips and hips are too narrow into my shoulder...and my butts aren't too big..Im so sister has a hourglass body shape...and me I think I got an apple bodyshape...and thats sucks...

    can u tell to me guys what should I do to have a wide and big hips and butt??? I don't want surgeries or pills...

    • ANSWER:

    Can Estrogen Pills increase my breast size?
    im 17 and have a 32C cup and want to get a little bigger. So i was wondering if estrogen pills can increase the breast size and hip size. Also what else do estrogen pills actually do? No jokes please. Thank you :)

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah, they can also make you nauseous, cause headaches, acne, gain weight (and not just in your boobs and butt). Plus they can possibly cause blood clots.

      I'm a 32C too. We have great boobs, I don't know why you think you need to go bigger.

      Try brushing some bronzer in a V shape in your cleavage to enhance it a little when you wear low cut tops. It actually works really well to make your boobs look bigger (try googling "bronzer for bigger boobs" or something similar).

      Plus, my boobs really didn't finish growing until I was 19 or 20.

    safe ways to make breasts bigger?
    ok so i currently have 34 A's but my hips are kind of wide.i wear a size five.i'd like to kind of even out my body.i dont like being small on top and bigger on bottom.what are some safe ways i can make them bigger?i'd like to be a B cup.know any good pills to take or anything?
    im seventeen years old
    i already use push up bras but id rather just have bigger breast.
    oops i ment bigger breasts.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know how old you are, but birth control makes your breasts larger after taking it for about a month. I take Yaz, personally, and I grew an entire cup size. If you're at least 14 or 15, I would start taking birth control, as it is packed with hormones which increase your breast size and mediate your moods a little better. Hope this helps!



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    Is there any breast enchancments that work in just 2 weeks?
    I have big hips and a big butt and I wear a size 36b bra size, and I"m 5.3. I really want to wear a size 36d dispite my height and age. Is there any real breast enchancment pills that work in 2 weeks?

    • ANSWER:
      The only thing that will help is macrolane, it works well after having kids too and is cheaper than breast enlargement

    how do u get rid of big hips?
    dont give me these websites that are going to try to sell me some kind of pill !!!!!
    its all extra wieght

    • ANSWER:
      Define big it your bone structure or excess weight.......having hips is womanly and according to many people the wider the hips the easier to pop out kids (or so i heard)

      if it is excess weight, such as saddle bags and love handles...hula hooping, squats, lunges, side bends, leg presses

    hasanyone ever tried BBB pills?
    Has anyone actually tried BBB pills? do they work? Also do they make you fat because i have big hips and thighs but a flat butt and I don't want to get fat

    • ANSWER:
      Go to this website - It tells you lots of information about BBB pills.

    what happens if a girl takes pills designed for transgenders?
    like pills for a transgender so he can have more of a feminine body my friend hates her body she says a 32c is to small and her hips arent big enough and she doesnt want surgery and was thinking about buying some i told her it might have the opposite effect on her since she is already a women does anyone know what will really happen?

    • ANSWER:
      Any hormonal pill will have a negative effect on your system, unless it has been prescribed by a physician treating you for a particular hormonal deficiency or hormone related disorder.

      Transgenders take the female hormones, which are available as conjugated estrogens. But these can have severe health consequences including osteoporosis, bone density loss and osteoporosis (or brittle bones) and elevated blood pressure etc. Unwarranted use of hormonal supplements is also known to cause cancer.

      Check the website

    I just turned 18, and I'm trying to lose 30 lbs...What should I try?
    I am a female, with big hips and small breasts. I have been working extremely hard to shed the weight, and was hoping that once I turned 18, my weight would shift and even out. Is it possible that I will have another growth spurt this year and my breasts will grow along with my height so that I would at least LOOK thinner? If not, any diet suggestions, or effective diet pills?

    • ANSWER:
      Kristy is right, there isn't a magic answer out there for you, the best way to start losing weight is by changing your diet to include foods that are rich in nutrients and low in (bad) fats. Also look for foods that are rich in fiber, as these foods will make you feel fuller, and will satisfy your appetite. I would start off by making sure you are getting at least 30-40 mins of good cardio (within your target heart rate) per day, and slowly add in some resistance/weight training.

      Despite what you may think, weight training is one of the best ways to activate your metabolism. Women respond quite differently to weights than men, and by using light weights and high reps, you will build strength and jump-start your metabolism.

      Make sure you are getting a full-body workout, and that you are incorporating compound movements (squats, deadlifts, pushups, assisted pull-ups/chin-ups) which utilize multiple muscle groups at once.

      I would also suggest that you find a good women's multivitamin which will supplement your new diet, and make sure that you are getting all of the nutrients you need each day. Omega3 Fish Oils have also been proven to help with fat loss. Stay away from fat burners and energy supplements unless you KNOW what is in them and how you respond to them.

      As fat as your breast to hip ratio, you should see a dynamic impact on your hips as you lose fat, but exercising will not change your body type, nor will it make you grow larger breasts, but it will help to correct your posture, and it will definitely change the way you carry yourself.

    IM 20 AND HAVE it normal for a guy to be able to gather inner and side thigh fat?
    hmm i just made 20 last month on the 20th

    and i was always told i was close built.....

    here goes

    age: 20
    race: black
    weight: 260 (somewhere in there holidays just came around though)
    penis size: 6.3" and girth is 5.2"
    i can ejaculate and make semen (smells like bleach)
    and i like em...

    but recently i found a medical condition that i think i may have
    ive had 3-4 people in my life tell me i look like a girl

    klienfelters syndrome

    i was reading up on it and the symptoms i have are....

    im 20 and i look 15 to some....(have a young face)

    well i have a mid pitch voice thats gets kinda high when excited like if im talking about an xbox game or something (but i think i may have modeled the way i speak from my mom and grandma since they raised me) I JUST started getting a mid pitch voice...
    (but on new years this chick came into my studio and said ahw you have a cute voice)(scratches head???)

    and that incident there reminds me..... i was at the club in the dj boot hooking up the mixer and a girl came and pinched my hips and said "ahw"

    that messed my head up now i think i have big hips but i am overweight like i wear a 40 and a 38 on good days

    and i think i may have low testosterone i have a peach fuzz mustache

    i started growing my beard at 19 and its still coming in i have around 34 hairs on my chin i counted them lol and their about 1 inch long i don't want to cut them cuz they may be hard to grow back

    i have a slight stream of chest hair marching from my chest to my navel wear it seem like a gang of hairs are hiding in my navel and going down to my pubes

    everything seems normal it just my hips.....and sometimes my butt but i looked in the mirror this morning it seems to be going away.....

    i do incline push ups and benches to get my chest to bulk up it seems to be working somewhat.....

    im just wondering is this keeping me from getting girls because ive had 2 females tell me im shaped like a b**tch :-( those exact words)

    ok imma stop typing im typing to much.....

    the main thing is....

    its just the hip thing when i look in the mirror i have like flat sides on my hips and a sorta squareness......

    oh and i have the gynocastimia boob thing going on....

    and ive been overweight since the age of 8 or so.....

    and ive had boob fat since 10.....

    i hope its just low testosterone from not working out or eating and sleeping right.....

    and this condition is the main thing keeping me a virgin im scared to get naked in front of a female....

    i know it may sound silly
    but a close friend told me i may have to lose my virginity to gain more testosterone and gain a manlier figure...

    what he means is that like after you have sex you'll take on more changes (but hes no scientist)(i think it may be true after i mated my pit bull his balls dropped) could this apply to humans

    also i got ahold of some of my grandmas estrogen pills at around the age of 14....(i thought they were sinus pills)(i remember taking one)(could that have messed me up during my growth stages)

    sorry for posting this long post in the forums but this is messing with me im hoping im just over thinking and just fat and low on testosterone and not have klienfelters or anything
    also just yesterday another friend came to pick me up to goto the studio and when he came in my room i was laying belly flat on my bed and he came in and called me "BOOTY MAN"

    lol its not funny though

    • ANSWER:
      If you are black why is your avatar White?

    do the bbb pills work? (big beautiful buttox)?
    i've been looking forever for a way to grow a bigger butt, nothing seems to work, dont tell me exercise because i've been doing that daily since i was 14, im now almost 18
    no results
    so i saw this site, for bbb pills
    i want to order them but they cost alot so before i order them, does anyone know if they really work?
    and how long does it take for them to work?
    and the site says your hips will grow to, i dont want my hips to grow, so do they grow alot or a little with the bbb pills? anyone know?
    thanks please :)
    by the way, im not trying to lose weight, im trying to GAIN it, but only in my butt and theighs

    • ANSWER:
      i think all that stuff is a crock of shit.

    What happens if you give females a female hormone?
    They give transexual men who are becomming women the female hormones by pills or injections. They do this to help the man's body become more women like (deposit fat in the hips butt thighs and make breasts) etc, but what if they give this to a female? Would it cause her breasts to become bigger or her hips or butt to become bigger? what would happen?

    • ANSWER:
      Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for transsexual women essentially starts the onset of female puberty.
      At first puberty brings on body changes due to accumulated hormone exposure, but the body only has so much potential for change. If a cissexual (ie. non-transexual) woman has already gone through puberty she might see very slight puberty changes but nothing significant. Transsexual women also don't see more significant changes after the first few years of hormone treatment.

      That said, many cissexual women do take lower dose HRT during menopause.

      It's also worth noting that if one is already producing estrogens, and takes _more_ estrogens, there is an increased risk of certain cancers by having such a high estrogen count.

    ok... So I'm a guy and i accidentally took some birth control pills...?
    I was reachin in to take my allergy medicine, and i accidentally grabbed my sister's birth control pills (which she keeps in a similar bottle for some reason) and i took 2 of them.
    So... What's gunna happen to me? Is it like those estrogen pills where i start to turn into a girl? Cuz i've got school on monday and i cant go in with boobs, big hips, and super emotions.
    Ok, sweet. I was scared for a sec there... Lol, cuz i've heard about this estrogen pill therapy thing that guys who wanna be girls use and it makes em grow boobs and "become a woman" or whatever and i thought that birth control pills could do the same thing... hey, ya never know

    • ANSWER:
      WOW dude!!!! Get too the DR'S NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!! LOL I am just kidding, you have not got anything too worry about,you are NOT going to turn in to a girl, lol... Must be a fool for thinking that... Them pills are too keep her from getting prego, they have NOTHING to do with making anyone act or turn in too a female... LOL

    Guys: Is it true a girls body is more important than the face?
    Infuriatingly us girls have all different kinds of bodies big hips, ugly girls, fat ones its really unfair if you think about it, how is it men get to be basic and naturally skinny then us. Men have to lift weights it to look good, women have to starve them selves, purge, buy make up hair products, diet pills the list goes on and still its not enough..

    • ANSWER:
      it depends if the guy wants a fling or relationship
      and as for all the stuff you complained about its completely true but its not going to change its the harsh reality and yes most of us wish it were different but there is no changing it

    Could switching birth control pills change my bust size?
    I'm quite happy with my shape. Short, thin, curvy hips and 32C chest. I don't really want to get any "bigger", so I'm kind of worried. My gyno is switching me to a higher dose next week (to help with irregular periods).

    • ANSWER:
      some birth control can make you gain weight especially the shots. ask your doctor for a perscrription that doesnt have those effects. there are plenty out there just got to look for them

    estrogen pills?
    im a 16 year old boy and i curiosly took my moms estrogen pills and i started growing the body of a women. my breasts are bigger and my hips and butt are bigger, but the thing is i am kind of enjoying the changes, what should i do

    • ANSWER:
      its a stupid thing ppl would probably start calling u a girl i would go to the doctor and get things stright right away!

    How to lose weight and tone up fast?
    Im 18 and very stressed out. I have 2 jobs and still go to school. I need to find a way to lose weight and tone up quickly in an easy way. Are there any tricks, foods or cheap diet pill i can take to help me. im not a big girl. I am a pear shape meaning i have a bigger butt, hips, and thighs than i would like. Can any one help me? I need advice badly.

    • ANSWER:
      You have two jobs! To tone, I'd say do some aerobics - but if you don't have time for that, I take this pill called 8 hour energy. Diet pills tend to scare me, but my trainer recommended this one... and I've been steadily losing weight since I started taking it, and I haven't changed my diet or my exercise habits. I lost like 15 pounds (which is HUGE for me).

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