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Bigger Buttock Injections

Written By: admin - Sep• 22•11

When patients leave the surgery facility to go home, they are usually groggy for about 12 hours or overnight. It is very important to have someone who can assist you with getting around and taking your medications for at least the first 24 hours.

Make sure that you have all your medications, cold d 00004000 rinks, and towels at your bedside. Most people are nauseated during the first 24-48 hours. Take a nausea pill one hour before taking your pain pills or antibiotics. While it is good to drink plenty of liquids, refrain from drinking plain water or acidic fruit juices as they will make you more nauseated.

Do not be alarmed when blood-tinged tumescent fluid oozes from the sites of fat harvest or liposuction. This is a normal result of liposuction and usually stops within half a day.

The plastic surgeon leaves these tiny incisions exposed so that the liquid spills out, thereby minimizing bruising. You should cover your bed to avoid staining from this fluid. There should not be any drainage from the incision where the implant has been placed. If this happens, please inform your doctor.

There will be some swelling and some minimal bruising which dissipates five to eight weeks following surgery.

Following liposuction, fat injection, or implant placement, you are placed in a support garment. Do not remove this until your doctor instructs you to do so. Usually the patient removes their garment and takes a shower after 2 days. The first time that you remove your garment you will feel like you are going to faint. This is normal. Have someone with you at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the recovery for buttock injections feel like...and are these surgery ideas i have goning to be wort?
    Okay So I'm 17 years old and I'm 5'1 weight about 125 pounds I'm a small b and have a flat tummy my thighs are thick and my booty is round but I'd like it to be bigger I want to get implants to be a full c or small d in decemeber and I want to get buttock injections next summer...the doctor well take fat from my thights and place it in my bum...I'm getting my nose done in a month and lip filler too...I have money and I'm going to go to the best doctors in beverly hills so well it be worth it or do you think its all too much? and also if you ever had buttock injections or know someone that did how was the recovery and how long did it take for it to all heal and for the bruising to go away?

    I need some helpful comments please

    • ANSWER:
      That's not a very good idea at age 17, cause you still have development, even into your early twenties. At your height/size, you seem to have one of those track sprinter bodies...VERY sexy. Please don't have the doctors mess you up like that. Thick thighs and a nice round booty are FANTASTIC!

    is there a way to get collagen injections in the buttocks to make it bigger?
    ive heard of it ..

    • ANSWER:

    where did you get butt injections in california?
    I live in the bay area in california and I am interested in butt injections to go from a flat butt to more fuller and plump. I am 21yrs of age but I look 12 I want a bigger buttocks but I can't seem to find any help.

    Serious Answers only..

    • ANSWER:

    What is the procedure for buttocks injections?
    I'm considering this to make my butt bigger

    • ANSWER:
      1. Go to the doctor's office.
      2. Pull down your pants.
      3. Doctor sticks a giant needle in your behind and injects the magic butt-ballooning serum.
      4. Pull up pants, walk out of the office, and deal with a sore bum just so that it looks bigger.

    How safe is silicone injections on buttocks?
    I am a 29 diabetic female and I want to know if it's safe for me to inject silicone on my buttocks to make them bigger and rounder?

    • ANSWER:
      why would you want to do that?
      Just be a good person and you will find that many people are drawn to you and you will feel better.

      I am happy with the way I look and I am not a beauty queen.
      I usually feel pity for people who modify their body to be liked by public. People undergo these operations because they are insecure.
      Love yourself and your body the way it is.
      Besides, no one can guarantee that there will be NO complications, are you prepared to take that risk?

    Why Do SOME Women Feel The Need To Get Butt-Shots Or Fat Injected Into Their Butt?
    What Happened To Being Confident In The Front End, Not In The Rear End. I Personally Feel That Nicki Minaj & Kim Kardashian & Coco Has An Image To Make Women Of Their Culture Feel LESS Confident If They Don't Have A Bigger Buttocks, So They Get Injections Of Fat And Silicone. Does Anyone Else Feel Like This Is Ridiculous?!

    • ANSWER:
      When I was younger and had a big butt, I couldn't buy a boyfriend! LOL

      Don't know what this world is coming to that people so hate how they look that they will resort to the wildest things in order to change what they perceive to be as flaws. I don't get this either. Yeah, I don't have a perfect body either, but when I look in the mirror and start to get down about what I see, I remember one thing: God made me in His image and likeness (see the creation story on the book of Genesis in the Bible) and He does not make JUNK.

    BUTT INJECTIONS...Where do you get them from?

    • ANSWER: might answer your question but I will certainly be happy to give you some of mine!

    Want to have fat injection in buttock area but don't have enough fat elsewhere?
    I NEED to make my butt bigger. It's a huge issue of mine.
    I know there is such thing as "fat grafting" where they take fat from a different area of your body and inject it around your butt area but I know I don't have enough fat in other areas... I'm naturally thin and can't gain much weight. I don't want to get is there any other option????

    • ANSWER:
      Takes someone elses fat

    Projesterone injections ?
    I am about 7 1/2 weeks and my doctor previously told me I had low projesterone I believe I was about 9.4. I tried the vaginal cream and hated it so she put me on the injections. I am supposed to take 1 ml a day for two weeks I have only taken three and am in really bad pain. I mentiond it to my doctor and she said that it was because the projesterone is so thick but i dont think she knew how much pain i was in. I have always had a high tolerence of needles and pain they dont hurt when i get the actual shot but it hurts like crazy i couple hours after i feel like i have these hard rocks in there the injection goes into the buttocks. The pain doesnt go away it gets worse with every shot it just becomes very sore and throbbing in a big area where it was injected. it hurts even to walk i was nearly in tears trying to lay down. If there is any thing i can do to help the situation that would be awesome all info helps. thank you
    I am a smaller person and was wondering if i inject it into the thigh straight in will i hit the bone?
    i had asked my doctor if i could take it any other way such as orally but she said the injections were my only other option

    • ANSWER:
      I took a pill everyday until I was in my 2nd trimester.

    How do stripper's get there big butts?
    I was told that some stripper's get botox injections in there buttocks? Is there a such thing, because I thought botox was just for the face?

    Serious answers only!

    • ANSWER:
      ick! that sounds painful! i know all that dancing and wiggling can build serious butt muscles. that could be one source of the bigger bottoms. as for botox, I've never heard of that either.

    where to get buttocks enhancers?
    where do you get the shot injections or pills that give you a big but natural buttocks size?

    • ANSWER:
      you gotta eat dem biscuits girl.

    Do men enjoy getting injection in Buttocks from female nurses?
    I personally feel that all men enjoy getting injections from female nurses rather than male nurse/doctor, particularly when it is given in buttocks. Ive observed in a hospital injection room, all the men make a big fuss in taking the injection in buttocks (as if they really feel shy), but they all end up in pulling down their pants fully to the end of the buttocks. Infact most of them completely bare their buttocks. Ive seen some of the nurses feeling embarresed but unable to show their embarracement. This makes me think that men are actually enjoying taking shots from female nurses and make a fuss about it.

    • ANSWER:
      I guess most of the men do enjoy presenting themselves naked to a woman. Let it be injection/ soak wash/ massage or what ever. When nudity is involved(even if it is non-sexual), men enjoy it. Thats why its quite natural in getting an errection during a physical exam or a prostate exam.

    Ok well I want to make my ass bigger I dont want no injections no pills and yeah I have tried sqwats and lunges and while they did work they didnt actually target my buttocks they made my thighs bigger so I was watching TV and I saw this excercise where u lay down on ur bed or something stomach side down and bend ur knees but i forgot what u were supposed to do ANYONE GOT ANY IDEA?????
    MY A S S i want to make that bigger

    • ANSWER:
      If you have the money, you can buy a pair of those butt boosting underpants. They have little silicone pads in the cheeks that make your booty look fuller. They also make underpants that have the bottom cut out and lifting inserts that push your cheeks in and up to make it look more curvaceous.

    Why do you people act as if Kim K isn't a plastic enhanced liar?
    This is the most commented article on this site:

    Kim said the dates are mixed up, and the "after" pic is really the "before" pic. Doesn't matter, the first pic clearly shows her with a flat behind, before or after. In the second pic, she did not yet have her implants and injections, that was butt pads.

    Says the liar "Everyone now says I have a fake butt or butt implant. I'm Armenian; you should see all the women in my family. The women have bigger breasts and bigger butts. That's how I was born."

    Really then what happened between birth and the pic above and this pic:

    Now, we can see two things: 1) butt enhancements 2) breast enhancements

    The liar says again "This is a picture of me when I was about 14 years old in a bikini. I hope after seeing this you guys will never ask me a plastic surgery question again! I have had a size C since I was 11 years old!"

    Read more here:

    Really? So the C-cup disappeared at 19?

    Look again here:

    As one person wrote..."Where are her boobs?"

    People defend this liar no matter what:

    "Jeans make your butt look flat" She is wearing jeans here:

    And besides, that was a stupid lie... a jeans cannot make a butt that big look that flat.

    "A butt can go from zero to hero in adulthood, with fat going no other place but the butt"
    I'm not even going to comment on this fantasy.

    Here's another pic of her before:

    That's her in the green dress, I realise she is backing but I saw the front pic before and I'll update when I find it.

    Now for pictures of the implants where it's obviously implants:

    I don't know how anyone can deny seeing the unnaturalness of the last pic especially.

    The thing is, we have lots of proof on the net and people act as if she did not have any modifications. I know why. So answer, why do you act like she is not a fake liar? (Oh and you have to have proof to back up why you don't think what I asked, or I'll act as if your comments blend in with the white of the screen)

    BTW Kim, your posts are NOT welcome here!
    Ain't Born Typical, you stupid little girl, by avoiding the question (expected) you proved what I wrote having "way too much time on my hands".

    • ANSWER:
      As a KUWTK fan, I have to say..

      you seriously have way too much time on your hands, and..
      no one cares about this. Seriously. Go vent your strange, angry obsession with what she says is real about her body somewhere else.

    Rh Immune Globulin (or Rhogam shot) question...?
    My doctor has already explained about the injection and what it does. I have my appointment tonight - but... I don't know just exactly what 'type' of injection it is?

    I mean, is it a normal shot like when you get a needle in your arm, or something more like a transfusion, or in another part of the body?

    Just want to prepare myself. I read somewhere it's done above the buttocks with a bigger needle????

    For those who have already done it or know the answer, I would appreciate it.

    • ANSWER:
      its an intramuscular injection "or something like that.."...i had mine a while back :( it goes in your back didn't hurt me at ALL, it hurt most when i leaned back to sit in my car to go home, and yeah.. the needle is Huge lmao i about pooed my pants when i saw it!! i was like OMG!!! thats gonna KILL me lmao but i felt nothing. tell them to inject it slow.....that keeps a lot of the pain down.

      They should have given you a card to keep in your wallet, after you got the shot...keep it with you at all times :)

      38 weeks and 5 days pregnant!
      9 days left!!

    Back pain that comes and goes, and I'm just 19?
    So, I'm 19 years old, and first time I experienced severe back pain was when I was 17. I was totally unable to move then. It happened when I had a cold and stretched to reach for something, then the pain just came abruptly and it made me immobile for a few hours. I was better in the morning.

    This time, I have been feeling the pain from time to time through several days. It was not terrible, but I only could not stay in the state of being bent (bowing) for more then 30 seconds. But, three days ago, it got worse, I felt the sharp and severe lower back pain and from time to time, it makes me almost immobile. (just to explain, IMMOBILE, not in away that I didn't feel my limbs or something like that, BUT that I couldn't move a lot because of the pain) I also felt the pain coming down my buttocks and legs! I am afraid to make any bigger movements, because the pain just comes unexpectedly and when it comes it's very sharp. So, I can't even walk and I don't dare to go outside when I feel this kind of pain. Right now, I am not in pain, but I'm sure that if I made any quick movement, I would instantly feel the horrible pain.

    So, beside going to the doctor (which I really don't feel like doing, because I'm afraid of getting some injections), what should I do? And what do you think what is this?

    • ANSWER:
      UHH, go to the doctor....or keep the pain. Pretty simple.
      Could be a pinched nerve or a slipped disc. Who knows. Only a doctor can help you. A shot won't hurt as much as your back pain anyway. Suck it up and go.

    Tips, Advice & Detailed Info About Extreme Liposuction On The Entire Body, Tummy Tuck, Larger Buttocks?
    ** PLEASE READ! **

    I'm 18 years old and I have been considering plastic surgery for a year and a half now. I graduated from high school this year and I want to get plastic surgery by the time I'm 21. However, I'm having issues finding out prices, ways to pay off the surgeries, risks, good doctors, and so on. Basically, everything.

    I'm 5'5" and weigh around 173 lbs. I've been overweight since the start of elementary school. I desperately want liposuction and a tummy tuck. I have bad back fat which I want completely gone, I want my stomach to be flat to show off the natural curves I have, I want my arms to be thinner and my thighs to be a bit thinner because I hate when they rub together.

    I also wanted buccal fat removal and to overall make my face look thinner, as well as get rid of the slight double chin I have. I know I have to do diet and exercise, but I still want these procedures done no matter what. I've also been trying to find ways to get my butt bigger more naturally instead of using fat injections. I would really like as much information as possible, mostly from someone whose had these procedures done or went through same experiences. I live in New York so I need to find a good New York plastic surgeon.

    Here are pictures just to get an idea:

    I need as much tips and advice as I can get! Please help me I'm very desperate to get a better body =(

    • ANSWER:
      While I personally don't condone liposuction I will provide information to help you make a better choice:

      Prices range depending on where you want the liposuction. Some areas are cheaper than others. It seems that the prices range from 00-00. You can read about that here:

      I've heard of loans that you can take out for plastic surgery, however specific doctors have different methods of payment. I would talk to your general practitioner instead of looking on the internet for good plastic surgeons. Your doctor knows you and trusts other doctors and might even be able to recommend you for a discount.

      There are a lot of risks to liposuction. Some are burns, embolisms, cardiac arrhythmia, puncture wounds, and seroma. Also, there are studies that show that the fat you lose from liposuction comes back within a year-- it may not accumulate back to the same spot but it will accumulate somewhere else.

      Buccal fat removal comes with its risks as well. It can cost anywhere between 00 and 00. You can read about it more here:

      Know that sometimes cheaper is not better. I know women who have gotten cheap facial fillers and other cheap plastic surgery, and believe me, they look horrible now. The surgery honestly looks botched because these women wanted the cheapest route to a good body.

      LASTLY: I completely stand behind diet and exercise. Why? Because this girl did it and she looks great now. She went from overweight to looking like a model. She offers great tips that are helpful and healthy for you. Looking at your pictures honestly the damage you've done is reversible if you lift weights and eat less. One more thing, if you lose weight too quickly you will have sagging skin, so be wary of that before you try anything extreme. Please read this before you decide on plastic surgery:

    Cortisone Injection Risk Factors, Is there any?
    I had a cortisone injection for what is trochandtic (sp?) hip bursitis (pain along the outside of the thigh and down into the knee) on the right side.... It flared big time and from it sprung up irritation of the sciatica nerve (my butt cheek hurts so bad) and every buttock muscle or tendon is painful. It has crept up above the hip bone making my lower back, side, and lower rib cage to hurt. Even the top of my hip bone starts aching. I did NOT have all this other pain until after the injection. I told my doctor about it and he says if from me posturing differently from the hip pain... BS... cause it did not gradually occur it came within 24 hours after the injection. So is there risk factors in getting a cortisone injection that would cause just more disabling pain in a greater region?
    I am not talking allergic reaction but risk factors from the proceedure its self.

    • ANSWER:
      Relief in one area can lead to undue irritation in another area. It is exactly what your doctor is saying. Because you can move your hip in ways you couldn't before, it may be aggravating tendons and ligaments that you hadn't utilized during the initial pain.

      It's like when you haven't exercised in a while, and all of a sudden decide to get into a hard routine. Or when you break a bone, and the muscles in that area deteriorate from non-use.

      Cortisone is a natural compound already made in your body. You can't be allergic to it if that is what you're asking.

    Do you think a victim mentality could sensitise someone to pain?
    OK this is my story. I am a retired British Nurse. As a nurse we learnt that pain is something like 70% psychological and only 30% physical. Which means that your experience of pain is mostly determined by psychological factors such as anxiety, fear, stress or even lack of confidence.

    Through out my not to long nursing career I only ever came across one black (of African origin) patient. All the others were white European or Asian.

    I have given hundred of injections to patients. The worst reaction was with this black gentleman. He wasn't my patient, so I didn't know anything about him, I was just told to go give him this injection. I think it was a premed. It was in the buttocks. Well, he almost screamed and started crying. He was I think about 30 yrs or so old. Every other patient but him have either had no reaction or said they never felt it. I tended to distract patients by talking so much to them that they don't notice what I'm doing.

    Now, big assumption, but I get the feeling for TV that black people have a victim mentality. I don't know about this patient but if this is so could he have expected me to hurt him. I'm white incidentally and female. If he expected a white nurse to hurt him then maybe that's why it did. Of course there may have been lots of other factors. Just curious as to why he had such a strong reaction.

    • ANSWER:
      It is interesting, but we can't generalize anything based upon a single incident.

    Need DOCTOR in PEORIA ILLINOIS who will listen about my hives.?
    Please let me know if anyone knows of a good doctor that will listen to symptoms and past history of chronic hives.

    I got them in 1994 and they were in such a vicious cycle that they would not stop until I had a series of steroid injections and pills for one month. They would calm down and then slowly start up again in the legs and eventually spread everywhere. They are mostly in the legs and buttocks.

    It seemed like I would get them when I had sinus infections paired up with stepping foot on a cold surface. Yes, cold floors set off the hives. Even pressure and touch when they were in overtime.

    I had to write down all of my foods, and use a gentle baby soap with no smell made out of corn, I think. The laundry detergent was a no scent, anti-allergic baby laundry soap. Because I have migraines on the side, my food is pretty limited. No soy sauce, no aged cheese, no restaurants, no chocolate. So that is not an issue. I am reviewing the histamine-free diet now and will try to be more gluten-free. What the hay.

    All of those medical records with no diagnosis except "hives" and treatment with steroids is in another country where I lived 17 years. The temperature year around was 85°F and it was typical to have marble floors so they were always icy cold. I always wore my thongs (new word-flip flops). My feet take a long time to get warm because I had frost bite at the age of 10. That is what makes me think I am not so intolerant to cold because if I went back to the Midwest over the holidays, it would take a long time for my feet to heat up and they would get red, itchy welts.

    When I finally took an aggressive treatment for sinus infection in that country. Changed diet to present, and drank a natural yogurt daily, I did not have them for 3-4 years. The yogurt I drank was a natural form that I have not been able to find here in the U.S. It looks like white coral or a white head of cauliflower. Every day it had to be strained with a plastic sieve, to another glass, then pour sterilized water from a glass bowl, not metal to clean it, and then put it in a sterilized glass, fill up with milk, and put a cheese clothe with a rubber band to keep it clean and breath on the counter. The next day, the same process. That cauliflower looking stuff would grow and you could pinch it off and give to a neighbor for them to start their own. I have no idea how it gets started. That is the big secret. This yogurt was for people with stomach problems. After two months, I had no more symptoms of the hives. I was hive free.

    We moved back to the states in 2006 and not until now do I have this again. The doctor in East Peoria told me to not use soap, do not use laundry soap, and make a diary of food. I explained to him that I have done that all before in the past and would like some other kinds of tests. I am back to square one and feel like crying. Of course I will follow those orders but I would just like to be tested properly.

    This itch is so maddening and I am not a complainer but it really pulls me down. If you say you broke out again, the family is like, oh, okay. You cannot help but become insensitive about this because it gets old when it happens for years. I am not ready to go back to this itch and waste another 00 before some doctor decides to listen.

    So, does anyone know of a good general physician in the Peoria area? I am on a network of doctors with the insurance and can even go anywhere in the state of Illinois. It would be nice to stay in this area where I live but I just want things ruled out.
    Kefir Grains is that yogurt! Take time to "google it" because it is very beneficial to your system. It is intended for people with digestive problems.

    • ANSWER:
      I totally sympathize with you. I have had chronic hives for 6 years. I have gone all over the country trying to find a treatment that would help. I live in Wisconsin and have gone to mayo clinic in Minnesota and after seeing that doctor for a year with no results he referred me to Allen Kaplan, an allergist in South Carolina who is supposed to be the best in the country for urticaria, to no avail. He is also a reference given on the thunderworks site.

      What has been explained to me is that almost all cases of chronic hives are idiopathic and they will never find the reason, it is an autoimmune problem where histamines are being released for no apparent reason. I do have hypothyroidism but was told that no evidence has really shown that there is a connection.

      The only thing that has ever had the slightest effect is prednisone, and believe me I have been on every medication that they could think of, nothing has worked.

      Since your insurance covers you anywhere in the state, I would suggest that you make an appointment with an allergist at Rush Presbyterian in Chicago. I knows its a long drive from Peoria, but there is no sense in wasting your time with a GP. They might need you to have multiple appointments at first, but they will run every test available to rule out any underlying conditions that may be causing the hives.

      I hope you find a solution, I know it becomes very depressing and is not something you ever get used to. It's hard for others to realize what a really horrible condition this is to have.

      God bless

      Oh! I was looking for the yogurt that you mentioned and ran across this blog where she had a picture of her yogurt culture. Someone said they thought it was actually a Kefir culture, which led me to this:

      Take a look and see if this is what you are talking about, I would love to know if this is what you were using to help your hives so that I can try some!

    Is it possible to get a down payment refund after only...(VERY long PLEASE help)?
    4 weeks of treatment? We paid 00 down payment for our sons braces. He had a "turtle" and complained of discomfort. No big deal. Then the pain elevated, and elevated. They kept telling him to rinse with warm salt water.

    The pain became so intense he would double over and cry. He is 19 years old and a volunteer fireman. He is not averse to pain.

    I called the ortho office at 5:00 a.m. and arranged for him to go in at 8:00 a.m. They dug around and extracted a piece of cement from under the turtle. Figured that was the problem. By evening the tissue of his gums and the roof of his mouth were so swollen it was enveloping the metal and plastic of the device.

    His pain was out of this world. Took him to the E.R. They gave him an injection of a super anti-inflammatory in his buttocks, hydrocodone and a prescription for hydrocodone.

    The next day he was out of his mind again with pain. My husband drove him to the ortho office. My son was vomiting in the parking lot. When they removed the turtle he actually was screaming with pain.

    Turns out he had two HUGE abscesses. One looked like someone put a cigarette out in his mouth and the other was roughly the size of a quarter. They were black and full of pus. He bled and bled.

    The orthodonist did not even examine him. (The technicians removed the turtle) and told him to just keep rinsing it at home. The technicians wanted the doc to write a prescription for anti-biotic and he did not want to. They argued with him and he finally did.

    All this in the first 4 weeks of treatment. The doc wants close to ,000 for braces and we do not want to go to him him now.

    Can we get our down payment back?

    • ANSWER:
      No, most likely you will get around only 0 back if you want a refund....that is because as soon as you let them know of your intention, they will bill you for these emergency visits, records and the turtle itself..

      ...they can get very creative in billing you to keep your money...

      ...might as well get the rest of the treatment done..or switch with a financial loss.

    Herniated Disc L4/L5 surgery in two weeks?
    At last I hope to wake up after my operation to have my legs back, walk normally and to stand up straight at last. To go to bed not in pain and to wake up not in pain. Or do you think I'm getting my hopes up to high..? A neighbor of mine that used to work for a private neurologists (I've just found out) has just seen my MRI scan and he said it was the biggest herniation he had ever seen. What should I expect after this Operation.? Apart from having my wisdom teeth out I had no other surgery. The last two steroid injection didn't hurt much but I loved the anesthetic that went in to my arm. Having a bloods check this week (mrsa etc) Should I changed my diet in any way.? I've been told I'm in hospital for 3 to 4 days why so long..? Will the pain also go in my buttocks when I walk.? I hope when I sit on the loo I'm pain free, I hate sitting down as it so painful standing up.
    Should I take my walking sticks to Hospital.? Doctor say's I'm going to be so, so tied I'm going to sleep for days....Anyone out there who has had discectomy and lamina removed? Any advise please

    • ANSWER:
      There are no real answers that anyone can give you. All is going to depend upon what the surgeon finds when he or she is in there. How much material is going to have to be evacuated and how much pressure there has been on the nerves. Once in there an assessment is going to have to be made on whether or not you are going to need fixation by fusion or cage. Remember that when you take apart the vertebrae to get into the space where the disc is there is an instability formed that can only be stabilized by a fusion. The doctor is also going to look to see if anything else is in need of repair. So all of this is going to have to be answered by the surgeon. Post operative care is going to depend upon what is found and done. You might need a cane initially but hopefully by the time you are ready to be discharged that will not be necessary. You will need physical therapy but for how long is not a given at this point. Your body is going to have to be rebuilt as muscle groups have gotten weak and atrophied. Some of this and perhaps all of the deficits will be gotten back. You have to be prepared that not all of the functional capacity that you had before the injury will come back. The amount of pain will be controlled by the medications and the more movement that you achieve the less the pain. So until the procedure is finished no one can truly give you an answer. Good luck!

    How does the recovery for buttock injections feel like...and are these surgery ideas i have goning to be wort?
    Okay So I'm 17 years old and I'm 5'1 weight about 125 pounds I'm a small b and have a flat tummy my thighs are thick and my booty is round but I'd like it to be bigger I want to get implants to be a full c or small d in decemeber and I want to get buttock injections next summer...the doctor well take fat from my thights and place it in my bum...I'm getting my nose done in a month and lip filler too...I have money and I'm going to go to the best doctors in beverly hills so well it be worth it or do you think its all too much? and also if you ever had buttock injections or know someone that did how was the recovery and how long did it take for it to all heal and for the bruising to go away?

    • ANSWER:

    Why Do SOME Women Feel The Need To Get Butt-Shots Or Fat Injected Into Their Butt?
    What Happened To Being Confident In The Front End, Not In The Rear End. I Personally Feel That Nicki Minaj & Kim Kardashian & Coco Has An Image To Make Women Of Their Culture Feel LESS Confident If They Don't Have A Bigger Buttocks, So They Get Injections Of Fat And Silicone. Does Anyone Else Feel Like This Is Ridiculous?! SN. I Have A Great Hour-Glass NATURAL BORN SHAPE And I Would Never Go Through These Much Measures For The Look, Even If I Didn't Have It.

    • ANSWER:
      I think some do it because it's a fad to have a big butt,

    Why Do SOME Women Feel The Need To Get Butt-Shots Or Fat Injected Into Their Butt?
    Why Do SOME Women Feel The Need To Get Butt-Shots Or Fat Injected Into Their Butt?
    What Happened To Being Confident In The Front End, Not In The Rear End. I Personally Feel That Nicki Minaj & Kim Kardashian & Coco Has An Image To Make Women Of Their Culture Feel LESS Confident If They Don't Have A Bigger Buttocks, So They Get Injections Of Fat And Silicone. Does Anyone Else Feel Like This Is Ridiculous?!

    • ANSWER:
      I agree with you

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